Can you name all these action figures from the Sixties and Seventies?

Can you I.D. these little astronauts, superheroes and spies?


The action figure craze truly blasted off in the 1960s. The space race, dazzling new shows like Star Trek, super spies, and popular Westerns all compelled toy companies to come up with cool new dolls and figures.

See if you can identify these cool action figures and dolls from the Sixties and Seventies!

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  1. Which rock band is this?
  2. Here are some figures for the 1966 Batman television series. Which villain is in the red circle?
  3. This popular Sixties doll hit stores in 1966 as a competitor to G.I. Joe.
  4. What was the name of his sidekick?
  5. The Marx toy company made these collectible figurines in the 1960s, which were sold in toy stores and bakeries.
  6. This action figure made by American Character in the late-'60s was a toy for which TV Western?
  7. The "Best of the West" action figure line from Marx centered around this cowboy character.
  8. This action figure display is promoting a set for… what?
  9. This Mattel line of adventurous astronauts had figures dressed in red, white, blue and yellow suits.
  10. Bonus question: What was the name of the character in the red suit?
  11. The Colorforms company released these alien figures in 1968. The little green guy was named Alpha 7 - The Man from Mars.
  12. Speaking of aliens, what was the name of this alien race from Star Trek?
  13. Gilbert made these little James Bond figures in the 1960s. This one was a bad guy from Goldfinger. What is his name?

Can you name all these action figures from the Sixties and Seventies?

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dethLSMO89 51 months ago
6 out of 12. I didn't think number 1 looked like the beatlrs either. Thought they looked mote like the Monkees.
ThomasPotter dethLSMO89 10 months ago
They don't look alot like the Beatles, but a dead give away is that Paul plays guitar left handed.
McBeeveeHere 51 months ago
8/12...I truly guessed at most of them...
lgbyrne1129 51 months ago
I still have a Major Matt Mason figure!
Dr_Zachary_Smith 51 months ago
I had all of the Major Matt Mason Characters. And the Moon Station!
JamesNichols 51 months ago
What you called a Frankenstein action figure setup was, in fact, Aurora Plastic Corp's MONSTER SCENES custom builder model kits.
Lacey 52 months ago
10/13 I missed the Mattel Aliens, the Red Suited Astronaut, and I REALLY thought that was a Wonder Woman playset from the 1960s.
Elkoman 52 months ago
3 out of 12 , Does anyone know if they made a Adam doll from Bonanza?
rfasatx Elkoman 52 months ago
They were, but then Pernell Roberts left the show so they made his figure a generic outlaw.
JERRY6 52 months ago
10 pf 13 not bad , why was wonder woman in the frankenstien toy setup ?
RedSamRackham JERRY6 52 months ago
* That Frankenstein scene looked like Ed Wood's Bride Of the Monster. ☺
HopeDuchaine 52 months ago
7/ 13. Could of done better.
HopeDuchaine 51 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Dale 52 months ago
Only got 7 out of 12. Oh well. At least I know that modern 3D printers can do a LOT better job on the Beatles nowadays. The "action" figures in question #1 look more like identical quadruplets than the Beatles.
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