It takes a Sixties TV expert to recognize all these Perry Mason guest stars

These actors all had their own series in the 1960s.

Perry Mason welcomed all kinds of fabulous guest actors over its nine-season run. Hollywood legends, rising stars, and even a few musicians played the witnesses, killers, victims and defendants seen each week. 

There were also many future TV stars in the cast. 

Below, you will find a dozen familiar faces from Sixties television. Try to match them to the character names for which they are best known.

This is a tough one, but Perry never takes the easy cases. Good luck!

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  1. You know him best for playing this outer space character.
  2. This fellow went on to portray which millionaire character?
  3. She played which beloved character of 1960s television?
  4. He could be seen on a popular Western playing which character?
  5. She is best known for playing which sitcom character?
  6. The man on the right starred on which long-running Western?
  7. She later played which spy character?
  8. He played this character on three different opular sitcoms.
  9. She was the wife on which animal show?
  10. He played this character in 247 episodes of a smash-hit sitcom.
  11. This dapper James played which Western "Johnny"?
  12. James Coburn was a movie star in hip films like 'In Like Flint.' But he also starred on a show called…?

It takes a Sixties TV expert to recognize all these Perry Mason guest stars

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Jeffrey 3 days ago
''You got 10 out of 12'' -------------Well done! You rarely lose. Three at the most. You deserve a peck on the cheek. Got the last 2 wrong.
susanlee 22 days ago
Katherine Chancelor was the heart and soul of The Young and the Restless. In her book “Not Young, Still Restless” written a few years before her death, she wrote about her friendship with Raymond Burr and her occasional small parts on Perry Mason. Would it be possible to tip us off when she will appear in one of the episodes.
Jeanne Cooper was in at least one episode of Gunsmoke too.
CarolStaggs 1 month ago
11 out of 12
Thomasz CarolStaggs 1 month ago
Same for myself, missed the first one
surfer2002us 2 months ago
We lived in Vallejo California and Raymond Burr was a bully when he was a kid. He beat up my dad when they were kids.
Jeffrey surfer2002us 3 days ago
I don't believe it. You're a liar. You made that up.
lucirush 4 months ago
Only one I missed was James Stacy. Never heard of that Western he was in.
CarolKelley lucirush 2 months ago
That's the one I missed, too. I've heard of the show, but I never watched it so I didn't know any characters' names. I did know that Johnny Yuma was played by Nick Adams though.
dethLSMO89 4 months ago
8 out of 12. Watch alot of Perry Mason.
McBeeveeHere 4 months ago
Aced it.. After 3 tries... Haha...
Marlene 5 months ago
tricky pictures and names. Dang, should have got an A!

Laura 5 months ago
I read every Perry Mason Book that Earle Stanley Grey wrote.
CaptainDunsel Laura 2 months ago
Skipped the title pages, though?
Laura 5 months ago
Not old enough but did fairly well considering.
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