It takes a Sixties TV expert to recognize all these Perry Mason guest stars

These actors all had their own series in the 1960s.


Perry Mason welcomed all kinds of fabulous guest actors over its nine-season run. Hollywood legends, rising stars, and even a few musicians played the witnesses, killers, victims and defendants seen each week. 

There were also many future TV stars in the cast. 

Below, you will find a dozen familiar faces from Sixties television. Try to match them to the character names for which they are best known.

This is a tough one, but Perry never takes the easy cases. Good luck!

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  1. You know him best for playing this outer space character.
  2. This fellow went on to portray which millionaire character?
  3. She played which beloved character of 1960s television?
  4. He could be seen on a popular Western playing which character?
  5. She is best known for playing which sitcom character?
  6. The man on the right starred on which long-running Western?
  7. She later played which spy character?
  8. He played this character on three different opular sitcoms.
  9. She was the wife on which animal show?
  10. He played this character in 247 episodes of a smash-hit sitcom.
  11. This dapper James played which Western "Johnny"?
  12. James Coburn was a movie star in hip films like 'In Like Flint.' But he also starred on a show called…?

It takes a Sixties TV expert to recognize all these Perry Mason guest stars

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cinamac 1 month ago
I didn’t do too well…I only have eyes for Perry!
ThomasPotter 9 months ago
You got 6 out of 12
Looks like you could have phoned a friend. Better luck next time!
Uggh, I don't watch westerns, and I don't watch Perry
EllisClevenger 37 months ago
You got 11 out of 12
Well done! You rarely lose. Three at the most. You deserve a peck on the cheek.
Missed #12
palgal96 39 months ago
I had all twelve questions right!
wyo307pink 41 months ago
10/12 ! Almost had it ☺️
Moverfan 41 months ago
James Coburn was probably in any number of TV shows, but you couldn't prove it by me. What I remember him from is a TV-movie called The Carey Connection (I think) that was based on a book called A Case Of Need. I'd seen the movie and read the book several times each before I found out the book was written under another name by Michael Chriton (he wrote Jurassic Park and yes I know I spelled his last name wrong). So at least I can say I'm familiar with his work. I believe the name on the book is Jeffrey Hudson but it'll probably come up if you search under his own name as well.
Mike Moverfan 39 months ago
For The Record:
THE CAREY TREATMENT was a theatrical movie, directed by Blake Edwards, from a novel by Michael CRICHTON (pronounced CRY-ton), using the pen name Jeffrey Hudson.
Terrence 41 months ago
I'm a sixties tv expert
Buster0758 41 months ago
I was born the year of Barbie. So I'm a 59 model according to my cardiologist.
What a great time to be born. I've always loved the 50's era of women's clothing. Just give me mules worn with the mid-calf full skirts and can-cans. Or you can make it a tight, straight one with nylons (black and seams in the back). Put it with a sweater set and your ready to start a great day! Marilyn Monroe once said "I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot" and "Give a girl the right shoes👠 and she can conquer the world". Well, Della Street (aka:Barbara Hale) was that type of lady. She was a real stunner in the younger years of her career and I think she was just beautiful later on in life. So here's to what my Dad would say made a woman a classy dame. He always enjoyed seeing the female gender take pride in their looks. Just like my mother did. Really spiked stilettos and pointed toes. You can tell I loved my Daddy. He was the best a girl could have. I real stand-up guy! LUV U DADDY❤️
Buster0758 41 months ago
Where's the days of real art? The likes of Mel Blanc who was a man of a million voices in cartoons. What an amazing talent.
Buster0758 41 months ago
Have to get my Perry Mason fix every day. Can't believe after seeing them so many times that Mom and I always Find some little detail not seen before. It's all in the details and it's great in black and white. Thank you for bringing back some nostalgia into my life. Also, no one does a cartoon like looney toons anymore. My Pa Pa's favorite was road runner. I'm 61 and miss the great days of Captain Kangaroo, Mr Green Jeans and Bunny. Makes me want to get out my coloring book and new crayons. Just love it! Buster's daughter (Sherry). Sending kisses to you daddy🥰
amosdark 41 months ago
9 of 12...missed 3, 11 and 12...otherwise pretty easy...
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