Can you match these secret agents to the correct TV shows?

This quiz will make you say, "U.N.C.L.E.!"

Spies always make for great television — action, suspense, double-crosses, exotic locales. The spy-show genre was particularly popular in the 1960s, as James Bond inspired small-screen super agents like Napoleon Solo and James West. Of course, spies continued to ply their trade throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Your mission: go through this dossier of character names and match them to the correct shows!

Good luck!

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  1. Barbara Feldon played Agent 99 on this lighthearted spy series.
  2. Steve Austin works for a government agency called the OSI on this show.
  3. Simon Templar was the underground do-gooder on this series.
  4. Artemus Gordon was a Secret Service agent serving under Ulysses Grant on this show.
  5. Dan Briggs led the IMF on this series.
  6. April Dancer could be found on this show.
  7. Dr. Cathy Gale did judo in leather on this cool Sixties series.
  8. John Drake was a spy for NATO in this series.
  9. "Intertect" was a super detective agency in (only) the first season of this action show.
  10. Kelly Robinson was a central character on this spy series.
  11. The secretive "Agency to Prevent Evil" employed the simian star of this show.
  12. A former Star Trek star played Jeff Cable on this Seventies series.

Can you match these secret agents to the correct TV shows?

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FatOlBroad 1 month ago
You got 11 out of 12
Looks like you are the true "intelligence officer"! Nice work!

Blast #9. 🦨
WhiskeyGirl 3 months ago
12/12. Not a bad outing for a change.
StrayCat 5 months ago
Pretty easy quiz. Regarding question #7, the Avengers would really be a welcome addition to the ME TV lineup. And not just the color episodes because we need to see the Cathy Gale episodes, and possibly even the earlier ones with Venus Smith.

A point of interest would be the realism of Cathy Gales fight scenes probably because she was in reality a black belt in Judo. It was pretty apparent she had to hold herself back to keep from injuring the other actors.
bruceisloose 5 months ago
12/12. One of the easier quizzes.
WhiskeyGirl 5 months ago
Only missed the last question and that was because I had never heard of any of those shows
RobinBWood 11 months ago
I'm shocked I got 11 out of 12...Wow
dethLSMO89 11 months ago
9 out of 12. Not bad considering that I don't watch spy shows.
FZZYPUSS 12 months ago
DIz, if you get ZLiving network they show Danger Man AKA Secret Agent 1 PM EASTERN weekdays
Diz FZZYPUSS 12 months ago
Unfortunately, I don't have that network, but thanks for the heads up.
Dr_Zachary_Smith 12 months ago
11 of 12. I thought Mannix was a P.I. and didn't know about Intertect.

MikeM 12 months ago
9/12 some good guesses, some bad... lol
HopeDuchaine 12 months ago
10/12. I loved 'The Mod Squad"
Jeffrey 12 months ago
''You got 7 out of 12'' ---------------Looks like some of these agents were too well disguised. Better luck next time!
Diz 12 months ago
12 out of 12. Sure would like to see "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." and "Secret Agent" again.
MarkSpeck 12 months ago
12 out of 12. All great shows!
TCKirkham 12 months ago
12/12! YAY! Bring on "Lancelot Link Secret Chimp"! That show is a friggin' scream!
MarkSpeck TCKirkham 12 months ago
The entire series is on DVD, if you're so inclined.
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