The ultimate fan-made I Love Lucy trivia quiz!

Think you know this iconic sitcom as well as a MeTV superfan?


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Thanks to MeTV fan Butch Lyles from Shreveport, Louisiana, who wrote and submitted this quiz to us! It's one all I Love Lucy fans will love! Do you have a quiz idea? Share it with us!

In all probability, if you have ever lived in the United States you have seen at least one episode of the I Love Lucy television program.

And if you were born in the mid-1940s (like the author of this quiz) you grew up watching this delightful program in its entirety.

But how much of it did you really "see"?

How well do you really "know" its performers — and its characters. Test your knowledge of I Love Lucy trivia with this quiz.

  1. I Love Lucy was originally a radio program titled:
  2. When CBS approached Lucy about turning her highly successful radio program into a television program, who was Lucy’s preference to play the role of her husband?
  3. Desi Arnaz wasn’t really from Cuba. In actuality he was born in San Diego, California.
  4. Fred and Ethel Mertz became iconic characters in their own right. Even today, no one could imagine anyone else playing their roles. But they weren’t Lucy’s first choice for those roles. Originally she wanted:
  5. With someone else as Lucy's first choice to play the role of Fred Mertz, how did William Frawley get the role?
  6. When CBS found out about William Frawley playing the role of Fred Mertz, they didn’t approve. Why?
  7. With the network opposing the hiring of William Frawley as Fred Mertz, how did he get the job?
  8. William Frawley and Vivian Vance (Ethel Mertz) had a noticeable difference in their real-life ages. How much difference?
  9. Desi Arnaz’s character’s name was not Ricky Ricardo originally. What was he named before production started?
  10. CBS initially balked at hiring Desi Arnaz to play Lucy's husband on their new TV show, I Love Lucy. Why?
  11. Fred & Ethel had been married for many years so they occasionally had disagreements - like all married couples do. What was their real-life relationship like?
  12. In the episode "Lucy Is Enceinte," Lucy tells Ricky she is expecting. The word "pregnant" wasn’t allowed at that time on television. In real life, which pregnancy is this for Lucy?
  13. Richard Keith (born Keith Thibodeaux) was only 5 years old when he was hired to play the part of Ricky Ricardo, Jr. How did Keith get that role at such a young age?
  14. The 5-year-old character of Little Ricky actually played drums on several episodes of I Love Lucy. How old was little Keith when his parents first recognized this talent?
  15. After the I Love Lucy show ended, Keith Thibodeaux never appeared on television again.
  16. I Love Lucy was produced in both half-hour episodes and one-hour episodes of The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour. How many half-hour episodes of I Love Lucy were produced?
  17. Even though Desi Arnaz was a newcomer to televised productions, he was credited with pioneering a new technique that is still used to day. What was it?
  18. In the episode "Lucy’s Italian Movie," Lucy finds herself stomping grapes in a vat, with a grape-stomping partner, Teresa Tirelli, who was not an actress and spoke little English. For Lucy's safety, this fight scene in the vat was choreographed down to the tiniest detail.
  19. After the 6-year run of 30-minute episodes, I Love Lucy transitioned into hour-long episodes. How many years and episodes were produced?
  20. Many of the characters in I Love Lucy were named after real-life people that Lucille Ball knew earlier in life. One of those characters was named Marion Strong. How did Lucy know Marion in real life?
  21. Lucy's acting career was active even in the 1930s. One of her earliest credited roles - although a minor role - was in what production?

The ultimate fan-made I Love Lucy trivia quiz!

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vinman63 24 months ago
Lucy had an uncredited part in Roman Scandal prior to the three stooges short.
SheriHeffner 47 months ago
21 out of 21!
PINKYLEE SheriHeffner 47 months ago
Congratulations, Sheri!

I had to use a reference book to compose my questions and answers.

Maybe you know more about I Love Lucy than I do.

Butch Lyles
jerseyguy2468 47 months ago
15 out of 22. Not good but not bad.
Relishag 47 months ago
I'm so messed up about this I grew up watching I love Lucy like it was one of my favorite shows to watch and I seen it over a billion times I should have gotten every one right
48 months ago
I'm ashamed of myself! I've been watching Lucy for almost 70 years!
dethLSMO89 50 months ago
14 out of 21. Didn't do as well as I thought I should 4 watching it all of the time.
DawnGraham 50 months ago
13/21 missed most of the questions about Keith
DawnGraham 50 months ago
This comment has been removed.
HopeDuchaine 51 months ago
19/21. I am still a fan of this wonderful lady. Happy Easter everyone.
MaryHelen 51 months ago
the our long episodes had a differetn title "The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour" let's stick to the facts people!!
MaryHelen 51 months ago
i never believe or will believe that william f and vv hated each other! hollywood gossip!
MaryHelen 50 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Ann 51 months ago
Well, I guess I have some splaining to do. Maybe because I Love Lucy was well into reruns when my aunt got me into it! I still like the show though.
Yolandadiana 51 months ago
19 out of 21! Not bad. The last 2 got me!
GREAT quiz!!
Dauchsund 51 months ago
Whenever I am down she always picks me up!!
JManSGV 51 months ago
"Correct! Ball left feature films to do this radio comedy based on Scott Rorick’s novel ''Mr. And Mrs. Cugat.''

The author's name was ISABEL Scott Rorick.
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