Can you match these Hollywood vacation episodes to the right sitcoms?

Many classic TV families took trips to Southern California.


Vacations and trips are a big event in any sitcom, usually taking multiple parts to play out. A favorite destination for many TV families is Southern California, probably because most shows already film there. But Los Angeles also provides many opportunities for characters to try to make it in showbusiness, with hilarious results.

Here are ten episodes that all feature storylines about sitcom characters traveling to Hollywood. Can you match each title to the right show? 

  1. Which show is this episode from?
  2. This episode is from a Nineties sitcom.
  3. This episode was about a dog entering the movie business.
  4. This is an episode of...
  5. Which show is this episode from?
  6. Someone didn't get their big break in this episode.
  7. This sitcom family went to Hollywood in...
  8. This episode was a character's big break in showbiz.
  9. This trip to the west coast was an episode of...
  10. This sitcom had a 3-part storyline with a simple one-word title.

Can you match these Hollywood vacation episodes to the right sitcoms?

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Coolrain 24 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You were the star of this quiz! Great job!
SheriHeffner 25 months ago
10 out of 10. I saw all of these shows.
Lillyrose 25 months ago
7 out of 10. "L.A. At Last" Is one of the best "I Love Lucy" sitcoms ever! So excited excited to watch "I Love Lucy" on Sunday Block Party! "I Love Lucy" is my favorite TV show!
RichLorn 25 months ago
When I was in Hollywood I paid $25 for a tourist map to the stars homes. 2 were in Washington State, 1 was in Montana, 4 were in Manhattan, 1 was the Disneyland animation studio, and 2 were in Forest Lawn cemetery.
MarthaWashington 25 months ago
blew Hooterville vs Hollywood, said Green Acres, but was Petticoat Junction. Haven't seen PJ in years, and don't remember them going to Hollywood
Halofo MarthaWashington 25 months ago
So did i...but pettycoat junction green acres and beverly hillbillies all where involved with i got confused
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