Can you match these drawings to the correct TV show intros?

Guess the live-action series from its illustrated opening!

None of these shows are cartoons. They are sitcoms, Westerns and action. Yet, these series took a more artful approach to their opening credits.

The following illustrations come from TV show intros. See if you can match the drawing to the correct name! Ready, steady… draw!

Can you match these drawings to the correct TV show intros?

Your Result...

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Mirramanee 1 month ago
I also missed the Tab Hunter one. Never knew he had had a show. Never have I seen a thing about it anywhere, either. Must not have lasted past the 13 weeks (if even that).
JZ6030 1 month ago
13/14. Tab Hunter? Seriously?🤦🏻‍♂️
frances3agape 1 month ago
Hmmmmmmmm...Surprised only 10 of 14
But guessed (and missed)
No 9 - picked Rawhide instead of Maverick
11 - Munsters instead of Dobie Gillis
12 - Big Valleyinstead of High Chaparral
14 - Jim Backus instead of Tab Hunter
trogg888 1 month ago
who ever heard of the tab hunter show? what would that be about?
Hollie 1 month ago
11/14 i had no idea 9 12 14 and #11 was a guess
Lacey 1 month ago
13 out of 14. I did not recognize the last one at all.
frenchman71 1 month ago
I was 12/14 on this one. I got the Tab Hunter Show wrong. (never even knew he had a show- I did read his autobiography) and I got the Maverick ques. wrong. I thought that was Clint Eastwood's profile.
missed those 2 for the same reasons also
john1213 1 month ago
This quiz was fun
frances3agape john1213 1 month ago
it WAS, wasn't it!
some never knew/saw cartoon intros
MikefromJersey 1 month ago
13 for 14. Never heard of the Tab Hunter Show. He was good in the WW 2 movie
"Battle Cry" which made him a star.
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