Only a television expert can guess what all these TV terms mean

What is a "clip show" anyway?

Many industries have their own terminology and television is no different. While some words have become common lingo, others aren't well known outside the business.

Here are 15 words that are related to television in some way. Can you properly define each one?

  1. Prime time
  2. Marathon
  3. Sitcom
  4. Spin-off
  5. Miniseries
  6. Pilot
  7. Recap
  8. Procedural
  9. Cold open
  10. Infomercial
  11. Cliffhanger
  12. Simulcast
  13. Bumper
  14. Clip show
  15. Hot switch

Only a television expert can guess what all these TV terms mean

Your Result...

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srrainwater 1 hour ago
12/15. Harvey and I were glad that "casting couch" wasn't one of the questions!
Stoney 6 hours ago
14 out of 15. Missed hot switch
BobD 8 hours ago
15/15. I must be in the wrong business! Too busy with my sked's, out times, off times, pax's, DB's, LB's, push backs, and MEL's.
stagebandman 14 hours ago
Two mistakes: A pilot is actually a tryout, it is often the first episode, but not necessarily. Often there are major changes between the pilot and the premiere (Star Trek, for example - also The Neighborhood). And Procedurals are not necessarily just cop shows. Plenty of medical and lawyer shows are also procedurals. Good God, people, it's not like we don't all have plenty of time on our hands to get it right!!!
JLTitus72 15 hours ago
I too missed the last question
jimmyvici 24 hours ago
13/15....interesting to say the least
CouchPotato987 24 hours ago
Never heard of a “hot switch” before, just took a wild guess. Lol
BobInBG78 1 day ago
Got 15/15! Did I earn a "best boy" badge?!?
Pacificsun 1 day ago
I did miss #14. I guess I was thinking of the term "flashbacks." My bad.
frenchman71 1 day ago
13/15.So where do I apply for my "Gaffer" or "Key Grip" position?
francolaguna1 1 day ago
🎬 15 out 15, guess you learn a lot growing up in LA.🎥
hermanstein2015 1 day ago
11 out of 15 that was kinda tough and I've seen A LOT of TV in my 31 years haha!
MrsPhilHarris 1 day ago
Well that's weird. Says 14/15 but I scrolled through them all and they are all green with the tick mark.
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