Can you tell the difference between a Don Knotts movie and a KISS song?

KNOTTS rocks.


Image: The Everett Collection

Mayberry and metal are worlds apart — about as far apart as it gets. The closest thing to hard rock heard on The Andy Griffith Show might be Opie's garage band, The Sound Committee, or fictional pop star Keevy Hazelton.

Don Knotts left the sitcom after season five to pursue his film career. He made loads of comedies — some hits, some obscure — over the decades. And, don't forget, he made a few flicks before hitting stardom.

Around the time Knotts was charming viewers as Mr. Furley, KISS was rocking its army of fans in arenas. You might think these things have nothing in common. Let's see if you can tell the two apart.

Was this a Don Knotts movie or a KISS single?

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  1. Beth
  2. Gus
  3. Shandi
  4. The Love God
  5. Calling Dr. Love
  6. Crazy Crazy Nights
  7. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
  8. Hot Lead and Cold Feet
  9. Kissin' Time
  10. Big Bully
  11. Wake Me When It's Over
  12. Move Over, Darling
  13. A World Without Heroes
  14. Hide Your Heart
  15. The Private Eyes
  16. Thrills in the Night
  17. No Deposit, No Return

Can you tell the difference between a Don Knotts movie and a KISS song?

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Joe 2 months ago
[image= Shot 2024-04-04 at 1.30.47 PM.jpg]
dingopossum 43 months ago
16/ were the best Don Knotts/barney fife..
kevopilis 44 months ago
9/17 I thought I knew Kiss better than that, I'll have to break out my cd's.
cperrynaples 45 months ago
Fun Fact: Move Over Darling was a reworking of Something's Got To Give! Had Marilyn Monroe finished the movie, Wally Cox would have played Don's role!
JewelsChuck 45 months ago
14/17... I guess I need to listen 🎧 to Kiss a little more! 😏
MikeyMello 45 months ago
As a huge KISS fan and a huge Don Knotts fan I knew I would “Ace” this one!!!!
Runeshaper 45 months ago
12/17 - never heard of these LOL :)
CaptainDunsel 45 months ago
I'm kind of surprised I did that well. I was neither a KISS fan, nor a follower of Don Knotts' career.
John 45 months ago
Sadly, KISS and Don Knotts never made a movie together. I think the closest they got was that they both co-starred with the Scooby-Doo gang.
DerekBird 45 months ago
You got 17 out of 17
Now this is what we call a Knotts kiss. Easy as making a Hot Dog.
frenchman71 45 months ago
Does anybody remember a Gene Simmons movie from about the mid to late 1980s where he plays a terrorist? I remember the trailer...he's on a pay phone across from a warehouse and the warehouse blows up.
twolo frenchman71 45 months ago
The movie was called Runaway Tom Selleck was in it too. It came out in 1984.
DerekBird twolo 45 months ago
I believe that Kirsty Alley was also in it.
CaptainDunsel twolo 45 months ago
You may be mixing up "Runaway" with Tom Selleck and 1986's "Wanted: Dead or Alive" with Rutger Hauer. It was in WDoA that Simmons played a terrorist. In Runaway his character was more of a 'master criminal'.
Wenatchee7 45 months ago
17/17 as a Kiss fan myself this was easy
DerekBird Wenatchee7 45 months ago
Me too. I just breezed right through it.
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