Can you match the TV stars to their longest-running shows?

Who had more years: Taylor or Matlock? Slaughter or Stubing?

Lighting can strike twice. Some actors managed to star in two hit TV shows. We just can't get enough of these stars.

You remember the shows. What might surprise you is which series lasted longer.

See if you can pass this TV trivia test!

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  1. Which Lorne Greene show had more seasons?
  2. Which Andy Griffith show had more seasons?
  3. Which Gavin MacLeod show had more seasons?
  4. Which Ted Knight show had more seasons?
    Right image: D.L. Taffner Syndication
  5. Which Lucille Ball sitcom had the most seasons?
  6. Which Dick Van Dyke show had more seasons?
    Left image: CBS
  7. Which Bob Denver comedy had more seasons?
  8. Which Bea Arthur sitcom had more seasons?
    Image: Sony Pictures Television / Disney-ABC Domestic Television
  9. Which Carroll O'Connor series had more seasons?
    Left image: Sony Pictures Television
  10. Which Tom Selleck show had more seasons?
    Images: NBCUniversal Television Distribution / CBS Television
  11. Which Robert Culp show had more seasons?
    Right image: Peter Rogers Organization

Can you match the TV stars to their longest-running shows?

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rycki1138 63 months ago
11 out of 11
Aye, aye! Well done! The captain salutes you.
Geronimo 64 months ago
I got a salute......................9/11
PJM 64 months ago
100% I watch too much TV
Geronimo PJM 64 months ago
you got that right
DouglasMorris 64 months ago
10/11! missed Tom Selleck series.
MrsPhilHarris 64 months ago
Missed Blue Bloods and Dobie Gillis.
Dicazi 64 months ago
Didn't realize some of the shows lasted as long as they did.
And no, Galactica 1980 doesn't count as the second season of Battlestar Galactica.
cperrynaples 64 months ago
11/11! Bonus question: Which last longer, Perry Mason or Ironside?
cperrynaples anthony 64 months ago
Yep, Mason 9 seasons, Ironside 8 seasons!
daDoctah cperrynaples 64 months ago
How 'bout Bill Bixby? My Favorite Martian, Courtship of Eddie's Father, or the Incredible Hulk. (We'll take it as read that Goodnight Beantown and The Magician didn't quite last as long.)

Or Michael Landon: Bonanza, Highway to Heaven or Little House on the Prairie?

Buddy Ebsen: Beverly Hillbillies or Barnaby Jones?

Leonard Nimoy: Star Trek or just *his* time on Mission: Impossible?

The Bob Newhart Show or Newhart?

Howard Hesseman: WKRP in Cincinnati, or just *his* time on Head of the Class (skip the season when he was replaced by BIlly Connolly)?

Guy Williams: Zorro or Lost in Space? And while we're on Disney stars, Fess Parker: Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone?
teire 64 months ago
9 right, missed Robert Culp because I didn't know and Lucille Ball because I checked a box before finishing reading the answer choices -- my own fault, had not scrolled down far enough to see the additional show listed plus the actual correct answer (which I like to think I might have gotten).
cperrynaples teire 64 months ago
As soon as I saw the question, I knew Lucy was the number of the beast as Iron Maiden would say [6/6/6]!
cperrynaples teire 64 months ago
PS Greatest American Hero is also a three-peat!
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