Can you tell if you are standing in downtown Mayberry?

Do you recognize this place from The Andy Griffith Show?

Mayberry is the perfect small town. It has everything you need. A barber shop, a grocery store, TV repair and a funeral parlor all on one block — that's the circle of life right there. Diners dished out home cooking just as speedily as Goober pumped gas.

No wonder we spend so much time in Mayberry watching The Andy Griffith Show.

You've hung out with Andy, Opie, Barney and the gang so much you're practically a local. So let's see if you can recognize business from the Mayberry area seen on The Andy Griffith Show. (Basically, we want to know if it was on The Andy Griffith Show or not.) 

Careful where you wander… you just might end up in the Twilight Zone!

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  1. Is Floyd's Barber Shop in Mayberry?
  2. This here is Monroe's Funeral Parlor and TV Repair. Is that in Mayberry?
  3. Is the Hi-Way Cafe in Mayberry?
  4. It's Luken's Style Shop in Mayberry?
  5. This place is Castle's Antique Shop. Can you find it in Mayberry?
  6. Now we come to F. Wakefield Beauty Salon. Is it in Mayberry?
  7. Here's a Sporting Goods Store. Is it in Mayberry?
  8. Well, this sure is a fancy department store. Is it in Mayberry?
  9. The Tip-Top Cafe looks like a good place to grab a bite. Is it in Mayberry?
  10. How about Mom's Diner? Is that in Mayberry?
  11. Morrison Sisters Flower Shop also dabbles in other products. Is it in Mayberry?
  12. Is Hunnicut's Car Lot in Mayberry?
  13. Is the Grand Theater in Mayberry?
  14. Here is Park Drugs. Is that in Mayberry?

Can you tell if you are standing in downtown Mayberry?

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JenniferSweitzer 5 months ago
Grand Theater may be in Mayberry but, I just watched an episode of The Untouchables, also a Desilu Production and ironically, the Mayberry Theater is in Chicago. It's fun to watch the Untouchables because they use the same set. Sometimes the signs are changed but, the barber shop is next to the courthouse but on the episode I saw today, the courthouse was a boarding room hotel.
Muleskinner 31 months ago
11/14. I haven’t been in Mayberry for awhile.
RedjacArbez 31 months ago
#9 is wrong. The cafe was in Mt. Pilot NOT Mayberry, Andy whined to Barney because he had to drive there.
harlow1313 RedjacArbez 30 months ago
Exactly right.
JuneMiller 31 months ago
Andy and Barney are with Daphne and Skippy at the Tip-Top Cafe in Mount Pilot. That is NOT Mayberry!
Artie 36 months ago
Pretty sure #9 is wrong. It was the Andy Griffith show, but it wasn't Mayberry per se. They drove to another town to get the "fun girls." I think it was Mt. Pilot.
EllisClevenger 47 months ago
You got 12 out of 14
Nothing gets by your razor-sharp mind! You know Mayberry like the back of your hand. Enjoy a milkshake!
Missed #6 and #12.
RandalStoner 51 months ago
I got em all!
Signed, Mayor Stoner
thedude1500 51 months ago
6/14 didn't watch too much Andy Griffith
MrBill 51 months ago
11/14; I did not remember the Mom's diner, beauty salon or sporting goods store from Mayberry.
Jeffrey 51 months ago
You got 11 out of 14------------Nothing gets by your razor-sharp mind! You know Mayberry like the back of your hand. Enjoy a milkshake!
Barry22 51 months ago
13/14, gonna move to Mayberry and run for Mayor.
MrsPhilHarris 51 months ago
11/14 Thought I would have done better.
richardkel MrsPhilHarris 51 months ago
Same here. I thought #9 was a trick question. Wasn't the Blue Bird Cafe in Mayberry, and the Tip Top Cafe in Siler City? I am thinking about the episode where Andy and Barney were meeting the Fun Girls at the restaurant.
ETristanBooth richardkel 51 months ago
I took the question literally. The Tip Top Cafe was not IN Mayberry.
Artie richardkel 36 months ago
Yes. I think you're right. Silar City. Not Mt. Pilot.
teire 51 months ago
Tricked into taking a Twilight Zone quiz.
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