Pick your favorite Thanksgiving dish & we'll reveal The Andy Griffith Show character you love most

Which dish is the star of your Thanksgiving dinner?

Today, we've combined two of our favorite home-cooked traditions: Thanksgiving feasts and The Andy Griffith Show.

For fans of both, enough is never enough, and you stop by Wally's Fillin' Station as often as you hit the gravy boat on Thanksgiving day.

That's why we think your favorite Thanksgiving dish can predict the character on The Andy Griffith Show that you love the most.

Pick your ultimate Turkey Day dish and see if we get yours right ... or if maybe something's wrong with our recipe this time.

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  1. What's your favorite dish on the Thanksgiving table?

Pick your favorite Thanksgiving dish & we'll reveal The Andy Griffith Show character you love most

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idkwut2use 8 months ago
Pecan pie=Thelma Lou, apparently.
STTOS 19 months ago
You got Floyd the Barber - The best mashed potatoes take a slow approach to smash and smooth out every lump, just like Floyd the Barber, whose slow delivery fans savored for seasons. Mashed Potatoes all the way!!!
TVFF 20 months ago
I chose gravy.....and up popped Barney. And he is indeed my favorite character.
idkwut2use 20 months ago
I'd say cranberry sauce if it were the canned kind, but I went with stuffing...xD
Still confused about the combo of sweet potato and marshmallow. A Yankee Candle introduced me to that; I'd never heard of it before.
remodel18 idkwut2use 8 months ago
You have never heard of putting marshmallows on top of the sweet potatoes before you bake them in the oven. If you have never had it, you should try it.
EdCaf 32 months ago
These are pretty useless "quizzes".
Nana10 32 months ago
I chose stuffing and got Ernest T Bass. He was my favorite character on the show.
daDoctah 32 months ago
I had to lie just to find out what character corresponded to green bean casserole (I discovered a few hours ago at the grocery liquidator (aka the "used food store") that someone has actually put out a pre-made frozen GBC). Figures it would be Aunt Bee.

Then I went back and answered seriously, and the giblets hooked me up with the Darlings. I guess I can see that. I do always ask for the neck.
Dicazi 32 months ago
My favorite Thanksgiving dish is actually leftovers.
Cold turkey breast on rolls slathered in mayonnaise.
BrittReid 32 months ago
Turkey = Andy Taylor......Ok
Lucyneenah19701 32 months ago
I chose pumpkin pie. Opie Taylor.
Lucyneenah19701 32 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Barry22 32 months ago
Stuffing=Ernest T. Bass? Oh well, I do love me some stuffing.
Brownthunder 32 months ago
Mine is stuffing of course, Ernest T Bass
BrownieMom 32 months ago
You got Goober Pyle
Goober is perhaps Mayberry's most backwards character, and there's nothing more backwards than preferring ham on Turkey Day!
BrownieMom 32 months ago
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ndebrabant 32 months ago
You got Andy Taylor
The star of the whole show at any Thanksgiving dinner is, of course, the turkey. We suspect you might be a fan of Mayberry's sheriff Andy!
Jeffrey ndebrabant 32 months ago
Well, What do you think of MeTV staff calling Andy Taylor, Andy Griffith, a turkey?
KatHat Jeffrey 32 months ago
LOL we should all tell them to "sit on it!" :)
MrsPhilHarris 32 months ago
I picked stuffing and got Ernest T. Bass. Can someone tell me what is that bumpy, white-topped, orangey base thing.
I just read the rest of the answers and it's sweet potato something.
BrownieMom MrsPhilHarris 32 months ago
It's sweet potatoes with marshmallows.
MrsPhilHarris BrownieMom 32 months ago
People eat that?
Jeffrey MrsPhilHarris 32 months ago
They call it "Sweet Potato Surprise".
MrsPhilHarris Jeffrey 32 months ago
Oh my goodness.
STTOS MrsPhilHarris 19 months ago
Which character would you get if you chose the Sweet Potato Surprise?
MrsPhilHarris STTOS 19 months ago
Perhaps Miss Ellie.
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