Can you guess which totally '80s shows these Full House stars were on?

Most of the cast, including the kids, began their careers in early-Eighties shows!


Full House made household names out of its breakout cast when it became a hit in the late Eighties. While most people didn’t know any of the actors when the family sitcom premiered, chances are they had seen their faces before.

Most of the cast, including the kids, started on TV years before. Some made their screen debuts in well-known shows, others started in short-lived flops.

Here are ten actors you know from Full House. Can you guess which shows they appeared in early in their careers?

  1. That's Bob Saget in the back, but you might recognize the actor in front as well. What show is this?
  2. Before she was Stephanie Tanner, Jodie Sweetin appeared with Jason Bateman in...
  3. Before he was aspiring rockstar Jesse Katsopolis, John Stamos was aspiring rockstar Gino Minnelli in the short-lived show...
  4. Which kooky kids show did Dave Coulier host before Full House?
  5. Before she was Aunt Becky, Lori Laughlin appeared in...
  6. Candace Cameron's first time on TV was in which medical drama?
  7. Before she was D.J. Tanner's friend, Kimmy, Andrea Barber appeared in which Eighties reboot?
  8. Before he was D.J.'s boyfriend Steve, Scott Weinger played a different Steve running for class president in an episode of...
  9. She played Danny Tanner's girlfriend, Vicky, in Full House but before that Gail Edwards appeared in...
  10. Right before playing Michelle's preschool classmate, Aaron, Miko Hughes played a creepy kid in which Eighties horror film?

Can you guess which totally '80s shows these Full House stars were on?

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Cookimon 29 months ago
Andrea Barber is also the original actress to play Carrie Brady on Days of Our Lives.
FLETCH 30 months ago
Lori Laughlin's husband paid the producers to cast her on the show.

True story
cperrynaples 30 months ago
5/10, and this was tricky! bonus Questions: [1] What soap opera did 3 appear on and what was his character's name? [2] What early '80's sitcom was 9 featured on? Hint: It had 2 titles!
LoveMETV22 cperrynaples 30 months ago
1. John Stamos appeared on General Hospital as Blackie, Blackie Parrish and John Stamos
2. Gail Edwards appeared on It's A Living/ Making a Living
CortneyNicole 30 months ago
Oh Lord 3/10 😕
Coldnorth CortneyNicole 30 months ago
I feel your pain did about the same
Jayefaye1971 30 months ago
7/10 not bad for guessing. I knew Gail Edwards one because I had just seen her in M*A*S*H
RichLorn 30 months ago
And I scratched and clawed for each one. I'm exhausted!
TSeym22 30 months ago
3/10 Almost all (poor!) guesses.
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