Can you name all these famous historical figures seen in classic Westerns?

Everyone from outlaws to authors stopped by North Fork, Dodge City, the Ponderosa and more.


Most classic Westerns were completely fictional, or told fictional stories in real places like Dodge City in Gunsmoke. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t incorporate real people from that era into certain episodes.

Your favorite fictional Western characters met all kinds of well-known real-life figures, even if the truth was slightly bent in order to make that happen. Here are ten famous faces from history as seen in classic Westerns. Can you name them all?

  1. Which famous writer appeared in The Rifleman?
  2. This historical icon had his own show.
  3. Which American president had a recurring role in The Wild Wild West?
  4. Before Lost in Space, Jonathan Harris played which British author in Bonanza?
  5. Gene Barry played the title character in which Western?
  6. Which Old West "Bill" appeared in Gunsmoke?
  7. Before The Big Valley, Peter Breck played which historical figure in Maverick?
  8. Who did Charles Bronson play in Tales of Wells Fargo?
  9. Which famous writer did Paladin encounter?
  10. Which famous outlaw appeared in an Old West episode of The Twilight Zone?

Can you name all these famous historical figures seen in classic Westerns?

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LarryBell 22 months ago
7/10. I missed two author questions and the last question
BarnabyMannix 27 months ago
8/10 I guessed Bronson played The Sundance Kid, because I don't recall Butch Cassidy having served time in prison...
Cassidy served time for stealing a horse in Wyoming.
You can't trust Hollywood's versions in any event.
They made a Western hero out of a hideous looking murdering punk from NYC,
Billy the Kid. Played by Paul Newman no less.
RichLorn 27 months ago
Not lucky guesses. I prefer the term .... "inspired".
pljarizona 27 months ago
Coldnorth pljarizona 27 months ago
I got the same as you. I don’t watch westerns often
Jeffrey 27 months ago
" You got 7 out of 10" ---------- Did you get an A on this history test or were some people hard to recognize? I got 2, 4 and 10 wrong.
Gayleistoons 27 months ago
7/10...of course they're hard to recognize, they are not pictures of the people duh
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