Can you tell the difference between the Brady and the Tanner sisters?

Who met Davy Jones from The Monkees and who met The Beach Boys?


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Eighties and Nineties shows like Full House wouldn’t exist without the family comedies that paved the way decades earlier. And the Bob Saget sitcom isn’t shy about paying homage to its inspirations, whether that’s referencing jokes from classic shows or welcoming Sixties stars to make cameos.

The Brady Bunch no doubt provided a template for how three sisters deal with schoolwork and boys while growing up in a unique family. In fact, it may be hard to tell which sisterly shenanigans happened on which show! Try to guess if these questions are about D.J., Stephanie and Michelle Tanner from Full House or Marcia, Jan and Cindy Brady.

  1. Who has a doll named Kitty Karry-All?
  2. Who cuts off some of her uncle’s hair?
  3. Who wears a short, curly brown wig to stand out from her sisters?
  4. Who invites Davy Jones from The Monkees to perform at prom?
  5. Who gets a horse without permission?
  6. Who gets chosen to be a kid contestant on a game show?
  7. Which sisters meet The Beach Boys?
  8. Who accidentally drives a car into the kitchen?
  9. Who becomes a total diva after getting cast as Juliet in the school play?
  10. Who feels jealous when her younger sister is cast in a TV commercial instead of her?
  11. Who asks a friend to pierce her ears?
  12. Who is nervous to start high school so she joins every club in school?
  13. Which sisters get stuck with their family on what they think is a deserted Hawaiian island?
  14. Who enters her father in a newspaper contest for Father of the Year?

Can you tell the difference between the Brady and the Tanner sisters?

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ThomasPotter 6 months ago
Can you tell the difference between the Brady and the Tanner sisters?
You got 14 out of 14
Now that's a score to get excited about! Great job!
RedSamRackham 19 months ago
* 13 of 14 (93%) ~ Missed that #13 "deserted Hawaiian island" question! Aaaawwwww ...
Sachelle 29 months ago
11/14. I did well considering I guessed most of them.
vinman63 29 months ago
I was thrown by # 13 I guess both shows had a Hawaiian episode.
Debbie vinman63 29 months ago
Same here. The rest of them were a cinch
Vamp13 29 months ago
12/14 surprising I hate both shows
Johannarene87 Vamp13 29 months ago
Lol, me, too, although when I was a kid I watched reruns of The Brady Bunch and Full House (unfortunately, lol, bc looking back it is So cheesy!!!).
gmadu64 30 months ago

Gotta say that watching The Brady Bunch marathon-style almost every Sunday pays off

As of Full House, no comment
JanFresh 30 months ago
14/14 I've watched both shows about a gazillion n one times throughout my life, so I definitely earned this.😄
hermanstein2015 30 months ago
12/14 I didn't watch either of these shows religiously so that's not too bad.
LH 30 months ago
6/14… and even that I only knew two, guessed at the rest!
Jlopez37 30 months ago
Only watched the Brady Bunch religiously as a kid- never the other show 14/14!
WordsmithWorks 30 months ago
14/14. That was one of the easier MeTV quizzes/
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