What happened to these Mayberry residents after The Andy Griffith Show ended?

The TV movie ''Return to Mayberry'' gave us a glimpse at what Andy, Opie and the gang have been up to since the show's finale

How well do you know the characters from The Andy Griffith Show? Well enough to know what they did when the show ended?

1986's Return to Mayberry filled in some blanks to keep the story going and tell us where our favorite faces of Mayberry ended up twenty years later. See how well you remember the fates and fortunes that awaited these characters.

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  1. What was Andy Taylor's job after being sheriff of Mayberry?
  2. What did Opie grow up to be?
  3. After the marines, what job did Gomer Pyle have?
  4. What did one-time deputy Barney Fife do next?
  5. What happened to town drunk Otis Campbell?
  6. Where's Aunt Bee in Return to Mayberry?
  7. How about Gomer Pyle's cousin Goober?
  8. Whatever happened to Thelma Lou?

What happened to these Mayberry residents after The Andy Griffith Show ended?

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Chuck74Roger80Fan 4 days ago
Chuck74Roger80Fan 4 days ago
Both Julie Adams and Sue Ane Langdon played nurse Mary Simpson for one episode only and Joanna Moore played nurse Peggy MacMillan for 4 episodes only.
What happened to Andy Taylor Jr ?
Opie Taylor and Richie Cunningham both lost their TV Brothers
Andy Taylor Jr. And Chuck Cunningham....
Also Roger Phillips?Ted McGinley) lost his brother Flip Phillips on
Happy Days.
Maybe FLIP PHILLIPS and Chuck Cunningham both joined The Peace
Corps and maybe Spike also joined The Peace Corps .................
It would have been Double Trouble for Fonzie if Spike (Danny Butch)and Chachi (Scott Baio ) had been on HAPPY Days at the same time !
Warren Ferguson (Jack Burns) was on The Andy Griffith Show for 11 episodes and Peggy MacMillan was on TAGS FOR ONLY 4 Episodes.
Joanna Moore played Peggy MacMillan on The Andy Griffith Show for only 4 episodes.
LH 19 days ago
6/8 I guessed at every one because I never saw anything after the first few seasons Andy Griffith
STTOS 20 days ago
Surprise, surprise, surprise! You got 7 out of 8 - Golly! You sure know your stuff! Should have been 8/8 but I fat-fingered #1. Oh well.
kmarsh12 23 days ago
Always said Thelma Lou could do a lot better. Leave Barney to Juanita. Or, the Fun Girls.
Moverfan kmarsh12 23 days ago
What did Miss Juanita ever do to you?
dodgebob Moverfan 22 days ago
I believe she joined the Convent, dating ol Barn switched her.
fuzzball329 29 days ago
I hate all of the ads on the website, don't they have enough on their tv channel?
wallyandbagfan 1 month ago
I wish that Peggy McMillan (Joanna Moore) and Stranger In Town
Ed Sawyer (William Lanteau) and
Lucy Mathews (Marlene Willis) had stayed on TAGS as regular cast members. I also wish that BAG Zombroski (Neil J Schwartz )
Moose (Barry Greenberg) and
Eugene Belvin (Denis Mandel) and
Melvin Belvin (Scott Bernstein) and
Chuck Cunningham (Randolph Roberts)
Continued from above comment)
And Spike Danny Butch had all stayed on Happy Days. I also wish that Cpl Chuck Boyle (Roy Stuart)
Or Cpl Nick Cuccinelli (Tommy Leonetti) had stayed on GP USMC
And I wish that Newt Kiley (Kay
Kuter) and Roy Trendell (Robert
Foulk ) had stayed on Green Acres and that Chester Anderson (Buddy
Hart)and Tooey Brown (Tiger Fafara)
And Bill Scott (David Kent ) had stayed on LITB .
Why did Buzz and Sonya Vanish from Mamas Family ?
And I wish that either Barney Fife or Warren Ferguson had stayed on
The Andy Griffith Show.
LoveMETV22 1 month ago

Andy- Well there's always Matlock.
Opie- I can't believe I'm doing this reunion.
Gomer- Golly! Well I suppose if the others were kind enough to return, I might as well too.
Barney- Really? A Clown?.... That's it no more specials.... A Clown [ Sheesh!]
Otis- It is my Ice Cream Truck....Honest !
Aunt Bee- They really let me down after season Five [ sniffle,sniffle] "Aunt Bee, the Swinger",
"Aunt Bee's Big Moment" (flying lessons) C'mon Now....
Goober- Hey I had a few more "Goober Episodes" in the final seasons. I figured what the heck. I just can't lose the Archie Comics hat for some reason.
Thelma Lou- [sniffle,sniffle], They portray Barney as a Clown ? What's up with that ? A Clown?
Huh Huh Huh ?
Everyone in Mayberry Forgot
About Me!!
Sorry About that Warren !!
-Maxwell Smart -
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