Can you guess what these vintage Public Service Announcements were about?

Remember Bert the Turtle and Mr. Yuk?

Growing up, some of the most memorable television commercials were public service announcements. Who could forget Smokey the Bear, Woodsy Owl, the weeping Iron Eyes Cody and "Time for Timer"? These PSAs popped up between our favorite cartoons and sitcoms.

Some famous TV folks were involved in creating these spots. Even if you never saw them, you can probably fathom what they are about. Right?

Let's see if you can remember or guess what these vintage PSAs were helping to raise awareness of.

  1. What is this bear helping to prevent?
  2. What is Mr. Yuk here helping to teach?
  3. Johnny Smoke here is try to keep kids away from…?
  4. Why is this man kissing a donkey?
  5. Bert the Turtle is teaching children to "duck and cover." What is that for?
  6. What is this friendly fridge helping to prevent?
  7. Yvonne Craig, Adam West and Burt Ward! What is Batgirl hoping to achieve in this PSA?
  8. This Hanna-Barbera PSA looks a bit like Scooby-Doo. What is it about?
  9. Rod Serling from The Twilight Zone! What was he talking about?
  10. What kind of insurance was this puppet helping to sell farmers?
  11. What were these 'B.C.' cartoon characters calling to "ACTION"?

Can you guess what these vintage Public Service Announcements were about?

Your Result...

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tvmoviefan2002 9 months ago
I got all 11...and yet I was born in 2002.
idkwut2use 23 months ago
6/11...but hey, I was only born in '87, so...;p
MarchLeeWarn 26 months ago
The 'duck and cover' ads were a joke. I remember the school authorities herding us into the dungeon-like basement of our 7th grade school and lining us up along the wall where we had to kneel and place our heads against the wall. This was supposed to offer us some sort of protection from nuclear bombardment. At the best is would have just left our skeletal remains in orderly rows. I never understood what benefit a foreign country was supposed to gain by nuclear bombardment. The radioactive contamination would have made farm land unusable for generations and in urban areas it would have destroyed any manufacturing, transport or refining equipment. And I can't believe that they would bomb just to vaporize the population--where would they get the labor to clean up after the war was over? So very, very stupid. I can't believe the adults of that era actually believed in a 'nuclear threat'.
"Even a newspaper can save you from a bad burn".
Duck And Cover; 1951 FCDA
UTZAAKE 26 months ago
7/11. 4, 6, 10 and 11.
2. An emoji before emojis. Easy question for anyone who read Weekly Reader back in the day.
9. The PSA was from the 1960s. Rod Serling was anti-war, a heavy cigarette smoker and not hawking Schlitz in this instance. So the correct answer is...
Allison 26 months ago
6/11 I didn't know any of these. all guesses.
DouglasMorris 26 months ago
10/11! missed #11. the last quiz!
teire 26 months ago
10/11, mostly lucky guesses.
anthony 26 months ago
6/11."Well at least you learned something more today".
Yeah I learned there are a lot of PSAs I never heard of.
KellyShort 26 months ago
10/11 missed the last one and guest a bunch
15inchBlackandWhite 26 months ago
In that PSA Batman was played by Dick Gauthier, who played Hymie the Robot on Get Smart. Burt Ward and Yvonne Craig reprised their original roles.
Beat me to it!! He did a very good job impersonating Adam West, which is odd since they are so different.
I'm not sure why Adam West was not available. At the time this was made I believe he was getting shot out of canons at county fairs.
MrsPhilHarris 26 months ago
6/11 Never heard of most of them
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