Can you guess what classic shows these Godfather actors are in?

They were right at home in crime dramas but also appeared in Westerns and sci-fi shows!


Widely regarded as one of the best films of all time, The Godfather hit movie theaters across the country on March 24, 1972. It has influenced countless filmmakers in the 50 years since its release, from the acting to the cinematography to the many famous lines of dialogue.

Though young actors like James Caan, Al Pacino and Robert Duvall seemed to come out of nowhere, they had actually been perfecting their skills on the small screen for years. Director Francis Ford Coppola also cast many character actors who had appeared in dozens of popular shows.

Here are 10 Godfather actors in various TV shows from the Fifties through the Seventies. Can you match each famous face to the right show?

  1. Al Pacino's screen debut came in which Sixties cop show?
  2. James Caan appeared in a 1965 episode of which Western?
  3. What show is Diane Keaton in?
  4. Before he played rival crime boss Emilio Barzini, Richard Conte appeared in a memorable episode of which anthology series?
  5. He played a film producer in one of The Godfather's most famous scenes but John Marley also appeared in which Western?
  6. Which sci-fi series is Robert Duvall in here?
  7. Al Martino played entertainer Johnny Fontane in The Godfather. What show is he singing on here?
  8. Long before he was Sollozzo in The Godfather, Al Lettieri played a young man willing to give up some information in...
  9. Do you remember Abe Vigoda's short-lived 1977 sitcom?
  10. Gianni Russo made his debut as Carlo in The Godfather and later appeared here in which detective series?

Can you guess what classic shows these Godfather actors are in?

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2103634076 28 months ago
4 of 10. Back to sleepin withe the fishes.
paulat0805 28 months ago
4/10. Wow tough quiz ! I bombed !
A35Barber 28 months ago
6/10 was just waiting for the Fish / Barney Miller question
vinman63 28 months ago
3 out of 10 tonight I sleep with the fishes
FLETCH 28 months ago
6 out of 10. Not good at all for a big Godfather fan
colleenhenry66 28 months ago
Wow, haven't seen the shows in a long time!
retro6 28 months ago
3/10 the only one I emphatically knew was Fish 🥴
Shatner1 28 months ago
7/10! Even though I didn't do to well--excellent quiz! I got the Al Pacino question right even though I have never heard of a 60's NYPD!
MichaelSkaggs Shatner1 28 months ago
It ran only two years on ABC.
JanSWI 28 months ago
6/10 Pure guesses on all but 3 of them. No clues in the others.
MichaelNivens JanSWI 28 months ago
same here - I only knew a couple of them and had to simply guess most -6/10
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