Can you fill in these Batman episode titles with the right villains?

Was it the Joker, the Penguin or the Clock King that had a flying saucer?


The iconic theme song, the wonky camera angles and Robin’s catchphrases all help make the Sixties Batman a fan favorite, but what really sets it apart are the gloriously over-the-top villains. The series featured obscure personalities like Egghead and Bookworm along with well-known adversaries like the Joker and the Riddler.

Many of the show’s fun episode titles featured a villain. We’ve covered up the names in the images below. Can you fill in who belongs in each title?

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  1. ______ is Wild
  2. The Curse of ______
  3. The ______'s Nest
  4. The ______ Cometh
  5. Pop Goes the ______
  6. ______'s Dressed to Kill
  7. True or ______
  8. Instant ______
  9. Ring Around the ______
  10. That Darn ______
  11. ______'s Provokers
  12. ______'s Coup
  13. ______'s False Notion
  14. ______'s Flying Saucer
  15. ______'s Crazy Crimes

Can you fill in these Batman episode titles with the right villains?

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frenchman71 1 month ago
11/15. Some of the villains were great characters. I remember False Face, they would put a "?" on his name in the credits until the last episode when he was captured (Malachi Throne). And Julie Newmar's Catwoman costume. No other Catwoman...Lee Meriweather or Eartha Kitt, filled out that costume like her. I swear she had just a 20" waist.
DethBiz 1 month ago
13 out of 15. Missed 13 and 15. Delicious...Absolutely delicious!
Keith 21 months ago
13/15 I got 5 and 13 wrong.. Holy imperfect score Batman!
2103634076 26 months ago
Holy guacamole!! I sucked the batgas gas pipe. 8 of 15, KLUNK.
vinman63 26 months ago
Surprise no mention of the episode with John Astin as the Riddler and Carolyn Jones as Marsha Queen of diamonds.
Moverfan vinman63 26 months ago
I believe they hired Mr. Astin to play the Riddler because Mr. Gorshan wasn't available. Why he wasn't available and if he ever returned to the character, I don't know.
Terrence vinman63 26 months ago
John Astin was a terrible Riddler🙄
vinman63 26 months ago
Frank Goshin smoked 5 packs a day. Even at his death bed he was still smoking.
Snickers 26 months ago
Please put Batman on Saturday night from 10:00PM to 11:00 and dump that dumb Sventoonie!
TonyClifton 26 months ago
15/15. Holy easy quiz, Batman!
ELEANOR 26 months ago
11/15 I think that I did pretty well. Those titles were easy to figure out since a lot of them were take-offs on familiar quotes. And the last time I watched Batman, telephones with dials were still the latest thing!
vinman63 ELEANOR 26 months ago
Similar with the Three stooges and their titles as parodies on current sayings ir movies at the time.
GeorgeKolter 26 months ago
ok metv bringing back Batman all this time, how about putting it on for the summer in an weekday time slot? suffering from an severe case of western fatigue, looking forward to first collectors call Batman recycled a lot of scenes in its run put back on weekdays.
LoveMETV22 GeorgeKolter 26 months ago
I'd rather see it once a week. If they ran it on a daily basis they would go through all the episodes in 6 months. Then it would be like some of the other programs that run in that manner. At least with the once a week it doesn't get old quick.
Snickers LoveMETV22 26 months ago
They could at least show two episodes of Batman on Saturday night instead of just one and that annoying Sventoonie.
LoveMETV22 Snickers 26 months ago
From all the promo media on the Sventoonie thing they have it advertised as a Limited Series. Who knows what they're doing with it? It will be interesting to see what they do with it.
Snickers LoveMETV22 26 months ago
Hopefully very limited.
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