Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers can recognize all these Sixties child stars in The Rifleman

There were sitcom stars, Disney kids and children with famous parents!

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The Rifleman broke ground showing the bond between a single father and his son out on the frontier. Having a young star set this Western classic apart from most of the other cowboy shows at the time.

It also created opportunities for storylines about schooling and family that featured Fifties and Sixties child stars who were either already famous from other shows or were about to make a name for themselves in future roles.

Here are 10 young actors seen in The Rifleman. How many do you recognize?

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  1. The Rifleman's main child star is...
  2. Do you know this sitcom star?
  3. This young actor was related to one of the show's stars.
  4. She appeared in The Rifleman after starring in which family sitcom?
  5. Which show is this actor from?
  6. He was the son of a famous comedian.
  7. Do you know which show she started on?
  8. She had a bit part in The Rifleman at 15 but later starred in which sitcom?
  9. She played a classmate rival in which show?
  10. After appearing in the Rifleman, he played with walkie-talkies in a memorable episode of...

Sorry, Millennials, only Boomers can recognize all these Sixties child stars in The Rifleman

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Dina 12 months ago
10/10, not a millennial or a boomer. They underestimated the amount and the selection of reruns that were on in the afternoons during the '70s.
RedSamRackham 17 months ago
* BTW Sue Trent was also the girl with the horse in the episode where Beaver & Larry ditched ballroom dance class.
SRN RedSamRackham 14 months ago
She also played Penny Woods who took over from Judy Hensler as Beaver's tormenter.
Charleshorse 25 months ago
The episode of The Rifleman with Teddy Rooney is my favorite episode
Keith 26 months ago
10'10 I almost missed the Chuck Connors son question.
2103634076 26 months ago
9 of 10. I can’t recall that AGS episode!!
RedSamRackham 2103634076 17 months ago
* It was the color AGS episode where the lad with the walkie talkie made Goober think his dog could talk.
MikefromJersey 26 months ago
9 for 10.
Teddy Rooney was great at playing brats.
One of the saddest stories in Hollywood is how his dad Mickey was tortured in his
last years when he was frail. His wife and her drug addled sons robbed him
of all but 18 grand. They beat him repeatedly and robbed Mick's kids of
their inheritance.
MrBill 26 months ago
9/10; missed Chuck Conner's son
Kenner 26 months ago
10/10. #1 was tough. Kidding. The Mickey Rooney kid you tell by his teeth. Karen Sue Trent ended her acting career in the very last episode of the Rifleman. She was stuck in quicksand. Bet u didn’t know that.👍
Sally 26 months ago
7/10 Didn't know several of these kids.
Deleted 26 months ago
This comment has been removed.
DeanHackett 26 months ago
Dean personally Posted this on Tuesday/March 29, 2022 @ around 3:30PM.
dmirarh 26 months ago
Dean, get some professional help, son.
SheriHeffner 26 months ago
I got 8 put of 10. But I really consider myself Generation X
vinman63 26 months ago
Wow cast members of L I T B made the rounds.
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