Can you guess the premise of these real sitcoms from the 1960s?

What were these wild one-season-wonders about?


The following 10 sitcoms are very real. They just happened to air for a single season more than half a century ago.

Remember, this was the era of Batman, Bewitched, Jeannie, The MunstersGreen AcresGet Smart and Gilligan's Island. In other words, shows were not afraid to get wonderfully weird and wildly creative.

See if you can guess — or remember! — what these shows were all about. Perhaps the title screen will help and provide a clue?

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  1. The Baileys of Balboa
  2. Bringing Up Buddy
  3. Don't Call Me Charlie
  4. The Double Life of Henry Phyfe
  5. Guestward Ho!
  6. The Hathaways
  7. Occasional Wife
  8. Our Man Higgins
  9. Rango
  10. The Second Hundred Years

Can you guess the premise of these real sitcoms from the 1960s?

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sjbang88 2 months ago
6/10 Never even heard of any of these shows, much less saw them
ttenchantr 11 months ago
8/10 Not bad for not knowing most of them!
EllisClevenger 42 months ago
You got 10 out of 10
You weren't monkeying around! Nice work!
seaeagle 48 months ago
'You got 9 out of 10. You weren't monkeying around! Nice work!' Huh . . never saw any of these shows! Time to buy a lottery ticket . . .
BobD 48 months ago
6/10. And I've never heard of ANY of those shows!
dragrace 48 months ago
Only watched The Hathaways, none of the others.
Toot1956 48 months ago
2 out of 10 I have never heard of any of these shows, had to be b4 my time. And I guess on all the answers.
JERRY6 48 months ago
6 of 10 , not bad a i never heard of these shows
harlow1313 48 months ago
I can remember watching "Rango." It was passable for me, then a young boy. As I recall, it was standard silliness and a vehicle for the star to do his Ensign Parker character in a different setting.
MikefromJersey 48 months ago
8 for 10. I think it's a toss up over which cast is brighter. The chimps of The Hathaways or
the Kardashian clan.
I understand The Hathaways failed because Miss Jane left the series and went to work for
the Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills.
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