How well do you remember the Twilight Zone classic ''Nightmare at 20,000 Feet''?

Can you wing it through questions about this episode?

Apologies to T.J. Hooker, but outside of Captain Kirk, William Shatner's greatest moment on television is perhaps "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet." He plays Robert — well, friends like us call him Bob — a passenger on a flight in The Twilight Zone.

The episode consistent ranks as one of the greatest of the series. It remains one of the most memorable television tales in history. No wonder it has been remade. 

But how well do you remember the details? Step back aboard this eerie airplane and try to make it through the flight!

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  1. On which side of the airplane does Bob sit — and which wing is the monster on?
  2. What is Bob's last name?
  3. How is the woman sitting next to Bob related to him?
  4. What is the woman's name?
  5. How old is Bob?
  6. Richard Donner, who directed this episode, also directed which beloved 1980s blockbuster?
  7. Bob has just been released from a sanitarium. How long was he in the sanitarium?
  8. Was this William Shatner's first time on The Twilight Zone?
  9. What is the name of the stewardess, as seen on the sign on the cabin wall?
  10. "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" originally aired in which season of The Twilight Zone?
  11. What does Bob call the monster?
  12. What is the name of the airline?
  13. How did Bob get a gun?
  14. What is the name of Bob's doctor?
  15. What is the name of the newspaper that Bob is reading?
  16. Like Shatner, Ed Kemmer, who played the flight engineer, also starred on a popular sci-fi series. What was this show called as seen here?
    Image: The Everett Collection
  17. How many times has this episode been remade in Twilight Zone properties?
  18. What was the modernized title of the 2019 reboot?
    Image: CBS All Access

How well do you remember the Twilight Zone classic ''Nightmare at 20,000 Feet''?

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RobertK 26 months ago
11 of 18. Ohh Noooo! How could I? This is one of my favorite episodes! (along with the old lady and the little flying saucer on her roof) Time for the "Walk of Shame", right over to the 'fridge for a cold beer!!
RoberttheWallace 26 months ago
Nailed It big time--I Love this episode, as I do the entire series! ! !
HopeDuchaine 28 months ago
14/18. Not bad. I loved the Movie.
BobD 28 months ago
13/18, with a lot of WAG's!
kimmer 28 months ago
12/ most I've seen this 100's of times..yet my trivia needs a boost!...Ask me about "One Step Beyond"
Joseph 28 months ago

I took the test earlier and forgot my exact score, but I think it was about 11/18, even though I've seen it enough times. To me the most memorable thing about it was the stewardess. Quite a beauty she was.
BrentwoodJon 28 months ago
10/18 same thing seen it 100 times have it on VHS tape.
Just don't pay attention or I'm getting old?
073149METV 28 months ago
13/18 and I must have seen this 100 times or more...for shame!!
cnorrn 28 months ago
14 out of 18. That was tough! I had a couple of lucky guesses and my wife helped, she’s has a thing for the Shat... She only married me because he’s to old.
Kim 28 months ago
8/18 Liked it, but obviously didn't notice the details.
Wiseguy 28 months ago
#4 For some reason in Marc Scott Zicree's usually accurate book The Twilight Zone Companion (first edition), he lists the wife's name as Ruth Wilson. Perhaps he saw the name on an early script or some other incorrect source.
JoeSHill 28 months ago
Between William Shatner's "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" on "THE TWILIGHT ZONE" and "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" from "THE OUTER LIMITS", I'd honestly say that it's a tie! the "Gremelin" creature looked like a shaggy bear with a Willam Tuttle makeup job and looked more mischievous if anything! but the creature from "THE OUTER LIMITS" was quite another story- that "Venusian" with the scales, wispy hair, and those extremely spooky glowing eyes were WAY scarier than The Gremelin from "Twilight Zone"- that's because the Projects Unlimited special effects people on "Outer Limits" had created The Venusian as a puppet-an impressive marionette that they shot in a water tank to create the dreamy effects of Venus' steamy and hot atmosphere.
MikefromJersey JoeSHill 28 months ago
Neat stuff, Joe. It never ceases to amaze me how well informed the posters on these boards
are. Thanks for sharing.
BrentwoodJon JoeSHill 28 months ago
The Twilight Zone was a better story But The Outer Limits had better special effects most of the time.
It's hard to find The Outer Limits on TV
Edward 28 months ago
Never seen it all the way through. 9 - 18. All guess work.
RoberttheWallace 28 months ago
Nailed it--I loved this episode, outside of better special effects, I actually prefer this version {spookier } to the remake [ and I do like John Lithgow ]. Both this episode, and the other one where William and his wife were NEARLY held captive by the demonic fortune-telling machine in that restaurant while their car was being fixed--are two Shatner projects that truly showcase his ease, comfortably and genius in front of the camera! William is a Very good actor! !
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