How well do you remember the Twilight Zone classic ''Nightmare at 20,000 Feet''?

Can you wing it through questions about this episode?


Apologies to T.J. Hooker, but outside of Captain Kirk, William Shatner's greatest moment on television is perhaps "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet." He plays Robert — well, friends like us call him Bob — a passenger on a flight in The Twilight Zone.

The episode consistent ranks as one of the greatest of the series. It remains one of the most memorable television tales in history. No wonder it has been remade. 

But how well do you remember the details? Step back aboard this eerie airplane and try to make it through the flight!

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  1. On which side of the airplane does Bob sit — and which wing is the monster on?
  2. What is Bob's last name?
  3. How is the woman sitting next to Bob related to him?
  4. What is the woman's name?
  5. How old is Bob?
  6. Richard Donner, who directed this episode, also directed which beloved 1980s blockbuster?
  7. Bob has just been released from a sanitarium. How long was he in the sanitarium?
  8. Was this William Shatner's first time on The Twilight Zone?
  9. What is the name of the stewardess, as seen on the sign on the cabin wall?
  10. "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" originally aired in which season of The Twilight Zone?
  11. What does Bob call the monster?
  12. What is the name of the airline?
  13. How did Bob get a gun?
  14. What is the name of Bob's doctor?
  15. What is the name of the newspaper that Bob is reading?
  16. Like Shatner, Ed Kemmer, who played the flight engineer, also starred on a popular sci-fi series. What was this show called as seen here?
     Image: The Everett Collection
  17. How many times has this episode been remade in Twilight Zone properties?
  18. What was the modernized title of the 2019 reboot?
     Image: CBS All Access

How well do you remember the Twilight Zone classic ''Nightmare at 20,000 Feet''?

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JDWJDW2 7 months ago
I really love this particular episode. Christine White and William Shatner are terrific in their roles. Christine White is also an attractive woman. The action scenes are fabulous.
Zip 7 months ago
Though it wouldn't change my terrible score in any significant way, I have to take issue with the first question. The "side" of the plane depends on which direction you are looking at it. Like in the accompanying photo to that question, where the plane is shown front to back, I believe Shatner was seated on the right side.
DoctorSavage Zip 5 months ago
Side of a vehicle is determined based on perception of the operator if the vehicle
DanDolgin 7 months ago
11/18 I have seen this episode many times and I saw the 1983 remake with John Lithgow. I am also a Star Trek fan and I'm very familiar with William Shatner. I can't believe I missed 7 questions. Most questions were on details you would not know if you watched this episode. I did not know there was a 2nd remake.
Guinness 7 months ago
I guessed his age and his doctor's name. Good for me, I never saw that episode. Maybe one of these days.
joe 7 months ago
I like this episode, it’s a good one. The way the monster jumps away does look like he is on a invisible rope. The monster suit looks like a giant teddy bears suit.His face looks like the character Wanda from In Living Color. I find that funny, but I still like the episode.
Crisco joe 7 months ago
Loved that Wanda skit!
Sooner 7 months ago
I don't mean to offend anyone, but I never understood the big deal made over this episode. From it's first showing till now, it always seemed kind of amateur to me, and the monster suit really bad.
Henderson 7 months ago
You have to watch via "On Demand", because if you watch it on SyFy or MeTV, they usually cut the last seen where the gremlin is floating on the water....spoils the whole episode.
LalaLucy 7 months ago
15/18. Doing great but those last three got me. Not as familiar with those side details as the episode itself.
BorisK 7 months ago
Lame questions. They can do better than this.
HpHoward BorisK 7 months ago
DanDolgin BorisK 7 months ago
I only got 11/18 and I have seen the episode many times and the remake in the 1983 movie. This quiz had too many details you would not know if you watched the episode.
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