Can you finish Mama's lines from 'Mama's Family'?

Your guess is as good as any to determine what Mama might say next.

Most of the time, there's no telling what words might come out of Thelma Haprer's mouth on Mama's Family. It can be an honest message to stay clear of her, a classic Mama remark, a quick-witted insult or even a boozed-up rant. 

How well do you recall what Mama said throughout the years? Enough to complete these lines of Mama, from Mama's Family

Good luck! 

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  1. Finish this line from Mama: "Piddly, these things got more spots than a windshield ________"
  2. This image is from the same episode as the question above. Finish this line from Mama: "These jars ain't clean! You couldn't get a _____ to set up housekeeping in here!"
  3. Finish this line from Mama: "Quit complaining Vinton, fish is ______"
  4. Looking at a bunch of toys in her front yard, Mama says, "Well good night. My front lawn looks like an explosion _______"
  5. When George the handyman is working on Mama's fridge, he says he has an estimate price ready. Mama says to herself.... "Lord you know when they're cheerful like that they're going to ______"
  6. Finish this line from Mama: "You left something with mayonnaise in the car since yesterday? Lord why don't you just feed them some ______ with a cherry on top?"
  7. Finish this line from Mama: "Nothing slipped my mind, underneath these grey curls there lurks _____"
  8. Finish this line from Mama: "Okay I'm losing it... They don't have to put me away they could just lock me in the ______ like any decent family would do!"
  9. Finish this line from Mama: "The last thing I want to hear about is a lab report on a _____"
  10. Finish this line from Mama: "Well I always act this way when _______"

Can you finish Mama's lines from 'Mama's Family'?

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bagandwallyfan52 11 days ago
On Mama's Family did BUZZ AND
BUBBA EVER APPEAR IN any of the same episodes and were Buzz and Bubba ever on Mama's Family at the same time?
geatornez82 12 days ago
7/10. Not particularly a fan of "Mama's Family," but I will watch it from time to time.
CortneyNicole 13 days ago
Yes I got 10/10 without any mistakes! That's why I love, love Mama's Family when Thelma Harper aka Mama saying the funniest lines when I have it on DVD Completed Series.
FrankBurnsEatsWorms 13 days ago
Please bring back Emergency
Frank Burns on M×A×S×H
Uncle Louie (WARREN HYMER)
in the Eddie CANTOR 1934 movie
Kid Millions Kramer on Seinfeld
ARTHUR (Paul Lynde ) on
Bewitched and Professor Pepperwinkle (PHILLIPS TEAD) ON
ELEANOR 13 days ago
Don't these people ever use spell check? In #9, what exactly is a "mut?"
JHP 14 days ago
how about

"say goodnight Dick"
bagandwallyfan52 JHP 10 days ago
Goodnight Dick.
Rowan And Martin's LAUGH IN.
Coldnorth 15 days ago
2 wrong. Oh the shame. I thought I knew everything about Mamas Family. Oh well will have watch it again
keith865 15 days ago
7/10...Time to visit The Bigger Jigger.
ASperos 15 days ago
Love Mama’s Family!!!! One of my faves!!!!
Steve67 15 days ago
7/10 Missed 1st 2 and the last
Andybandit 15 days ago
I got 0/10. I didn't know what Mama said lines. I just thought I try.
Coldnorth Andybandit 4 days ago
I will give you points for trying.
Wendy57 15 days ago
😣 Missed the last one.
Fiddlesticks !
Coldnorth Wendy57 4 days ago
I can picture you stomping your foot when you typed fiddlesticks lol
Wendy57 Coldnorth 3 days ago
How’d you know ?? 😁
CaptainDunsel 16 days ago
And all I ever watched were the sketches on "The Carol Burnett Show".
( "Is that little [bleeeeeeeeep] finished?" )
Zip 16 days ago
Missed the first one. Could pretty much hear her saying the rest of them.
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