Can you match these accessories to the correct Flintstones character?

How well do you know the Flintstones characters based on their prehistoric getup?

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Outfits didn't change much in The Flintstones. It makes sense when the washing machine is a pelican or dinosaur, and all other appliances are animals. As a result, we've come to know the classic looks of each character pretty well. 

We can easily recognize Fred's orange shirt or Wilma's white dress, but what about the accessories they wear? They can make an outfit come together for a night out in Bedrock or a spontaneous trip to Hollyrock.

See if you can pick the correct Flintstones character based on just one item they are wearing, or usually carry with them. 

  1. Who wore this bow made out of a bone?
  2. Who could be seen in these circular frames?
  3. Which character's head does this hat rest on?
  4. Which character could be seen reading the news-slab so much, it could pass as an accessory?
  5. This lovely necklace can be seen on who?
  6. What Bedrock pet owns this collar?
  7. This green belt stands out on which character?
  8. Which pet wears this collar?
  9. This three-pearl necklace can be seen on who?
  10. Stay clear of this fashion statement... Who carried this around?
  11. This bow holds whose hair in place?
  12. Who wore this leopard-printed hat?
  13. Lastly, who can we see in this iconic tie?

Can you match these accessories to the correct Flintstones character?

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