Can you find the ONE word that is not in The Brady Bunch theme song?

Everyone sing along! "Here's the…"


As soon as an episode starts, it is impossible not to sing along! The Brady Bunch theme music remains one of the most beloved and well-known TV themes of all time.

Odds are, it is still stuck in your brain. If not, it will be soon! 

Starting singing the lyrics in your head (or aloud, if you so desire) and try to find the ONE word below that does NOT belong in the song. Stay in harmony and try not to get hit in the face with a football! 

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  1. Pick the ONE word that is not sung in the lyrics of The Brady Bunch theme song!

Can you find the ONE word that is not in The Brady Bunch theme song?

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Kergooliewyn 25 months ago
Got it. That song is etched in my brain.
TessH 36 months ago
1st try! Only because I accidentally clicked it right before I was about to click something else

It’s a story of a lovely lady who was busy with three very lovely girls…
Mob39 39 months ago
You picked the correct answer!

Nice work! You were in harmony with the song. The Bradys lived in an awesome house… but the word "house" does not turn up in the theme. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Lillyrose 58 months ago
I picked the right answer: house.
FoxGrimaldi88 58 months ago
I signed up for this Me TV Website so I could enjoy the interesting trivia offered without the Pharmaceutical Commercials. Until those fear-promoting commercials are removed from Me TV, I will not watch any of the highly entertaining programming. I will instead, opt to buy DVDs of my favorite shows so that I can peacefully experience the joy they have to offer without the affore mentioned inappropriate commercials.
I agree. I always mute the sound unless I'm watching a DVR recording that I can fast forward. I too buy DVD's of some shows. I have also noticed a lot of sped up places in the shows that is very obvious when there is music. That ruins the classic feel to me.
jimmypinet 59 months ago
Cherished and beloved classic...thank you MeTV!
Katzi 59 months ago
I had to sit here & sing the song to myself!!
Geronimo Katzi 59 months ago
Me too🤣
Lantern 59 months ago
Speaking of "the house", the show about remodeling the establishing shot Brady house in the San Fernando Valley will air next Monday on another channel (probably can't say it here).
LarryLeGros 59 months ago
Got it on the first try. It was an educated guess. Think I'll stop while I'm Ahead!
stephaniestavropoulos 59 months ago
Got it on the first try!
Trivia tidbit: that's a gif of the kids singing "Keep On Movin'."
Chatta_Cat 59 months ago
83 tries and 2 days later, I've achieved victory!
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