Can you find the one Dawn Wells look that is NOT from Gilligan’s Island?

She wore everything from boas to bees on classic TV.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more vibrant example of 1960s fashion on TV than Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island, especially considering she was stuck in the middle of the ocean! But actress Dawn Wells graced other shows with her presence around that time, including The Wild Wild West and Bonanza— two period pieces that were never afraid to add a pop of color to the Old West.

Here are 12 looks sported by Dawn Wells on 1960s TV. All but one of them are from Gilligan’s Island. Can you spot the outlier?

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  1. Which one of these is NOT from Gilligan's Island?

Can you find the one Dawn Wells look that is NOT from Gilligan’s Island?

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SheriHeffner 2 months ago
I got it right the first time. I've seen every single Gilligan's Island and know Dawn Wells as Mary Ann.
Peter_Falk_Fan 24 months ago
I am a big fan of "The Invaders", so that was easy.
RosalindLeeWheeler 28 months ago
I was able to pick the Dawn on the first try.
JewelsChuck 28 months ago
I got it on my first in peace you sweet person who made millions smile. You will be missed.
jerrysays 29 months ago
I remember the Invaders , i didn't know Dawn Wells appeared on there , the Picture of her you have of her , she really had very Pretty Long Hair , and it really is shown in the Invaders Photo
John 29 months ago
The rocks in the background were the giveaway. Except for a few scenes filmed on a beach in the pilot episode, the entirety of Gilligan's Island was filmed on a soundstage.
GregLemieux 29 months ago
Got it on the first try. I recognized her from that INVADERS episode. Ironically, it's the only episode I missed on ME-TV because my DVR malfunctioned. But I found pictures from it while searching in vain for a copy of the full episode online. Someone had a hilarious set of photos from the episode with comic commentary. I'll catch it next time around.
STTOS 29 months ago
Very easy. Piece of coconut cream pie!!
AnnieM 29 months ago
This one was easy - the background in the photo didn't look like anything ever seen on Gilligan's Island.
JDnHuntsvilleAL AnnieM 29 months ago
And the hair was wrong, the shirt was wrong, the earring was wrong, the sunglasses was wrong.
AnnieM JDnHuntsvilleAL 29 months ago
True, but the background was what I noticed first!
MrBill 29 months ago
I got it on the third try.
dodgebob 29 months ago
I'd just like to quote our beloved Conchata Ferrell as she observed April Bowlby on Charlie's deck, "Golly Moses she's a muffin".
Catman 29 months ago
got it on the first try. Piece of cake.
kevopilis 29 months ago
The sunglasses gave it away.
Lacey kevopilis 29 months ago
I got it right but did not even see the sunglasses.
I went by the "come hither" smile.
Bardown1 29 months ago
Dawn is such a beautiful woman! Stunning!
Supercat58 29 months ago
Got it right. I was at first looking at the backgrounds (some were obvious), but the clue to me was the hair. I never remembered it looking that way on Gilligan Island.
Mob39 29 months ago
Ha! Got it on the first try! Do not remember Marianne ever wearing sunglasses👍🏻 If I ever get trapped somewhere I’m hoping I’ll be able to find things to wear and do like the people in Gilligans island🤣
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