How well do you remember the very first episode of Happy Days?

Can you go ''All the Way'' without missing a question?

Happy Days arrived on January 15, 1974. The sitcom took a loving look back at the youth culture of the Fifties. 

The series kicked off with "All the Way," a coming-of-age comedy of errors that saw Richie Cunningham going on a date with a more experienced girl. Naturally, his pals Potsie, Ralph and the Fonz were there to help him out — or get in the way.

Let's see how well you remember this nostalgic premiere!

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  1. What is the name of the high school that Richie and his friends attend? It's written on the back of their letter jackets.
  2. Richie says that he is currently in which grade of high school?
  3. Does Fonzie wear a leather jacket in this episode?
  4. Does Fonzie speak at all in this episode?
  5. What is the name of Richie's older brother?
  6. What is the name of the drive-in in the first episode?
  7. Ralph Malph is a member of which gang? Their name is printed on the back of their red jackets.
  8. What does Fonzie remove from the radiator in the bathroom?
  9. What is the name of Richie's date?
  10. What book does Richie read to his date?
  11. What sport does Richie play in the episode?
  12. Which Reiner was a writer on this premiere episode?

How well do you remember the very first episode of Happy Days?

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terrisue 16 days ago
Not bad sinse in was only a month old when it premiered
STTOS 1 month ago
You got 10 out of 12. Aaaayyyy! Thumbs up! Should have been 11. I guessed Sophmore and missed on #2. And for #12 I knew it was Rob but fat-fingered Carl. I hate when that happens. What a meathead I am.
Runeshaper 1 month ago
7/12 - don’t recall much of the 1st episode, but I love the show!
Mike 1 month ago
9 of 12. better than I thought I would do. I guessed a few times.
MrBill 1 month ago
11/12; I blew the question on Fonzie speaking. I forgot he spoke at the end.
ncadams27 1 month ago
I’m not a fan of the “filmed before a live audience” shows. Everybody tries to upstage everyone else and see who gets the loudest applause when they make their first appearance.

They could have filmed drama shows before a live audience, with them yelling “He’s got a gun”, “Look out behind you”, and “Ouch - that’s gotta hurt”.
Wiseguy ncadams27 1 month ago
The third season was good, probably the series' best. It wasn't until the fourth season that the writers started putting Fonzie first and the audience started screaming every time he appeared.
frances3agape 1 month ago
Ohhhhh.. so ASHAMED of myself !
only 7 of 12, which is a mere 58%
FAILING GRADE - flunked out of Jefferson High (which I DID get correct)
FLETCH 1 month ago
7 out of 12...not bad considering I havent seen this episode in years
Jon 1 month ago
Kathy O'Dare, who played Mary Lou Milligan, around the same time played a date for Peter Brady.
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