Can you complete these riddles from The Riddler?

Holy riddles, Batman!

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"Hi Diddle Riddle" and "Smack in the Middle" are the first two episodes from Batman (1966). 

The Riddler himself causes trouble for Gotham City and of course for Batman and Robin with his twist on words and his ability to make the crime-fighting combo overthink! Thankfully, Robin's youth and simple thinking pays off when posed with a question from The Riddler. 

How well do you know some of these classic riddles that appeared in the first two episodes of Batman

Fill in the blanks to complete the riddles below. Once you make your selection, the answer to the riddle will appear! 

Can you complete these riddles from The Riddler? 

Good luck!

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  1. Complete the first riddle from The Riddler: Why is an orange like ______?
  2. Do you remember this full riddle?: There are three men in a boat with four cigarettes, but no matches. How do they manage to _____?
  3. This riddle came from The Riddler's imposter: What is it that no man wants to have _________?
  4. Can you fill in the blank to complete this riddle? When is the time of a clock like the _______?
  5. Here's another riddle: What has neither flesh, bone nor nail, yet has four fingers and a _____?
  6. This riddle comes from The Riddler's hired help: Why is a quarrel like a _____?
  7. In the second of the two part series opener episode titled "Smack in the Middle," this riddle is: What kind of pins are used in _____?
  8. Fill in the blank to complete this riddle: What president of the United States wore the biggest....
  9. Do you know the answer to this riddle: How many sides is a circle?

Can you complete these riddles from The Riddler?

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Ratt1959 3 months ago
5/9 I still think the tv Batmobile is the best.
Kaydee 14 months ago
6/9 In my opinion I feel the first two episodes of the 1966 Batman television series was the very best of the entire Batman series till season 3 1968. I was born in 1966 and I can just imagine how television viewers who didn't see the 66 Batman movie especially those children watching Batman for the first time being dazzled by the caped crusaders sliding down the Batpole to the fabulous Batmobile and jump into action. Actress Jill St. John's character "Molly" was the first and only death to occur in the Batcave and if I'm not mistaken the ONLY death to occur in the Batman series. Even Mr. Freeze survived a few scrapes of life or death when his helmet was removed in a fight or faced with death in normal temperatures Lol. But Hi Diddle Riddle and Smack in The Middle were the more innovative and realistic episodes in my opinion of Batman. R.I.P Miss Diane McBain aka Pinky Pinkston. and I scored 6/9 because I couldn't remember all the answers to those riddles in those two episodes Ha!
PDCougar 15 months ago
7 of 9. Holy Star Trek Voyager!
JamesDean59 15 months ago
I'm probably the worst person on earth that can decipher riddles. Uhg!
JHP 15 months ago
3/9 loved the riddler Eps - Gorshin (a smoker that would shame a old train) was so magnificent - my fav villain - a 1A would be the penguin - hey Me-tv LOVE this show - storing them on my DVR

he was to Batman what Ernest T was to Andy
Steve67 15 months ago
6/9 Better than I expected
CortneyNicole 15 months ago
4/9 I didn't know all of them but I try my best.
Michael 15 months ago
Frank Gorshin played a bank robber in Disney's That Darn Cat.
Catman 15 months ago
So why is a raven like a writing desk?
Stoney 15 months ago
7 for 9. I'm a bit disappointed in myself...Riddler was one of my favorite Bat-villains.
Douglas 15 months ago
9/9! I socked these riddles. easy quiz.
KingDinosaur 15 months ago
8 / 9 missing #5. I liked goofy riddles as a kid. I still recall one that I made myself.
Q: What kind of bird is against the law?
A: An ill eagle!
AllisonWunderland 15 months ago
7/9…Not that I remembered, but tried to use a little common sense (for a Riddler) 😆
oldmoe51 15 months ago
5/9 I’m not good at riddles
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