Can you complete the names of these John Agar B-movies?

Big spiders, things from outer space, floating brains, and a lot of questionable science.

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If you're a Svengoolie fan, then it's safe to say that you're already familiar with John Agar. He made a name for himself acting alongside John Wayne in movies like Sands of Iwo Jima, Fort Apache, and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. Later in his career, he made a pivot to horror and sci-fi, often in the numerous B-movies popping up in the 1950s and '60s.

We've collected a handful of the many B-movies he appeared in over the years. Can you complete their names?

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  1. John Agar made a short but memorable appearance in this made-for-TV movie, 'Body ___' as Mark Hamill's doctor.
  2. It doesn't get much more classic sci-fi than a floating brain with eyeballs, as seen in 'The Brain from ____ Arous'
  3. John Agar meets a mad scientist trying to create an alligator-human fusion in 'Curse of the Swamp ___'
  4. A lab accident transforms Agar's body in horrible ways in '____ of Death'
  5. Want to keep your movie budget low? Make villains that nobody can see! At least that's what 'Invisible ____' did
  6. John Agar goes underground in 'The Mole ____'
  7. John Agar plays a salesman in love with a secretary - whose boss has a sinister secret - in 'Attack of the ___ People'
  8. The first sequel to 'Creature from the Black Lagoon': '___ of the Creature'
  9. A made-for-TV movie with a miniscule $22,000 budget: 'Zontar, the Thing from ___'
  10. A classic 'big bug' movie: '___!'

Can you complete the names of these John Agar B-movies?

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