Are these plots to episodes of The Honeymooners or Mama's Family?

If Ralph Kramden was a member of Mama's Family, there would've been a lot of bickering between him and Mama.

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What if Ralph Kramden was Mama's son? There would've been nonstop laughter in every episode with those two! The Honeymooners and Mama's Family debuted decades apart, but the humor is still very fresh and hilarious.

You never know what to expect when Ralph stirs up a get-rich-quick scheme or when Mama finds herself in a little bit of trouble. Yet, those situations made some of the shows' best plots.

Are these plots to episodes of The Honeymooners or Mama's Family? Good luck!

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  1. Episode plot: A character finds themselves on a date to play golf after trying to get on the good side of a man in charge of a job position they want. There's one problem — this character knows nothing about golfing.
  2. Episode plot: A ring, intended for someone else, gets stuck on a character's finger, jeopardizing a friendship.
  3. Episode plot: After celebrating someone's birthday, two characters have to share a jail cell, forced to work out their issues.
  4. Episode plot: A character is back on a game show for their second appearance after nervously making it to the next round, and they're out to prove to everyone that they are a winner.
  5. Episode plot: A character has the chance to inherit thousands if they don't lose their temper for two weeks.
  6. Episode plot: A love letter intended for one person ends up in various characters' hands, causing complications and confusion.
  7. Episode plot: A character decides to sell mystery appetizers that turn out to be dog food.
  8. Episode plot: A character mistakenly thinks an expensive piece of jewelry is for them, and chaos follows.
  9. Episode plot: A character decides to go on a strike after their rent is raised.
  10. Episode plot: A character believes that there's an error on their electric bill and refuses to pay it, which causes problems.

Are these plots to episodes of The Honeymooners or Mama's Family?

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