Answer these questions, and we'll guess whether you prefer CDs or cassette tapes

Both of them bring music to our ears, literally.

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Listening to music can take you through many emotions — making you feel whatever the artist feels. Sometimes it's the lyrics and others, it's the melody. No matter what it is, we all listen to music at least once a week or sometimes more.

Now you can stream music, but in earlier decades, CDs and cassette tapes were popular for listening to it. Take this quiz, and we'll guess how you prefer to listen to music.

  1. Which decade do you believe had the better music?
  2. What shape would you want your handheld music player to be?
  3. Which would you rather have:
  4. Which instrument would you play?
  5. Which actor would you sing a duet with?
  6. Which item would you want your favorite artist to autograph?
  7. Do you prefer to see an artist performing at an arena or a small venue?
  8. If you were traveling, which music player would be the easiest to bring?
  9. Would you listen to music during a workout?
  10. If an actor recommended a song to you, who would you want it to be?

Answer these questions, and we'll guess whether you prefer CDs or cassette tapes

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shannamaclin 4 months ago
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JERRY6 4 months ago
got that right cassete with dolby c and a few other touches as good or beter than cd LISTENING TO cd for more than 20 minutes gets me irratated something about digital sets me off
graceful1970 5 months ago
You prefer good ol' Cassette tapes. That's a lie.
Gunsmoked 5 months ago
" I prefer good ol' Cassette tapes ", Actually I prefer Albums , but they don't fit on my dashboard very well and keep skipping every time I hit a bump.
Yes I did have one of those JVC Boombox's ready to hit record for my favorite songs on the radio and hated when the DJ's talked over the beginnings of the songs .
shannamaclin 6 months ago
Love. This Question And. I. Got. All. Answers Right love. The 70 s music So. Good
ChuckM 7 months ago
Truth be told...I always liked putting a stack of LPs on the changer
timothys71 7 months ago
I am a CD guy myself. And no, I have never had one snap in half. That happened much more easily with 78's, which were a little before my time.
327053 7 months ago
Cassettes always put out better bass!
JazEveGan 7 months ago
Cassettes! Of course!! My Cassette player was constantly by my side ready to hit record whenever my favorite song came on the radio 📻 🎶 😁
BuckeyeBeth7 7 months ago
“You prefer good ol' CDs“

🤣 In the music question number 8 you literally asked me if I were to prefer tapes or CDs. Absolutely shocking that my answer is I prefer CDs!

And btw, the only reason I prefer CDs is because I used to absolutely despise having to rewind the tape as a kid to hear the song again. Well, that and the experience of the tape getting stuck in the heads/wheels and then having to gently attempt to extract and wind it back up. But man, there’s nothing like making your own mixtape and playing it all the time in the car. Both of them have their pluses and minuses. Tapes allow you to be creative on the fly while CD’s allow you to bounce through the songs quickly. I guess I’m really torn between the two of them 🤔
Scott66 BuckeyeBeth7 7 months ago
I always got the more expensive Aiwa walkmans with auto-reverse and music search and a lot of other features too, they had great sound too, but they cost a lot of money, about $135 back in the 80s which I guess would be about $350+ now.
JERRY6 Scott66 4 months ago
Charlotte 7 months ago
Cassettes, That's my era, but prefer disc. Glad they were invented.
JeanInTN 7 months ago
I liked cassettes because I could record a mixture of songs off of my favorite records and produce my own "albums." I would pick one song off of this record album, a song off of a different album, another song from another album, then maybe go back to the first album and get a different song, etc. So I might still listen to most of the songs on a particular record album but not in the same order and there would be other songs from other records in-between. I did this after I was working and bought a component stereo system. The recordings I had made using a microphone and a portable cassette recorder just didn't sound very good when I finally had a car. So I wanted "one of those stereos where things plug into each other."

I used to sometimes record things off of the radio and TV using a portable cassette recorder and a microphone and would mostly listen to the tapes when lying in the sun. I recorded the songs from the Elvis movies that used to be on TV, and I made a tape of songs sung on Petticoat Junction - they used to rerun that show when I was in high school and I liked the music. Now I'm telling my age!
RobertK 7 months ago
I got CD's. They're OK for convenience, or the car, but I am and always will be a devotee of vinyl! I'm happy as a clam to see them comeback and also more popular than CD's. I lived with cassettes in the 70s, and about the only thing good about them was that they took up less space than 8 tracks in the glovebox. My car player also had a healthy appetite for chewing up the tape in cassettes!
Moverfan 7 months ago
I prefer cassette tapes? I started with vinyl records [hell, I had some bright yellow 78 rpm records--don't remember what songs were on them, though]. Then cassettes came out...and then CDs. I have bunches and bunches of all of them...but what I REALLY want is a CD of the Genesis album Three Sides Live {One Studio Side} with the original studio side. Me & Virgil, Afterglow, Open Door...I mean, Watcher Of The Skies is nice, but I want the music on the CD that I've got on the cassette.
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