Are these anecdotes from Adam West's autobiography, or did we make them up?

How well do you know your Bat-facts?

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On the back cover of his autobiography, Adam West writes the following:

"Fans never simply want to shake my hand or get my autograph. They want to talk about what Batman meant to them... For better or worse, richer or poorer, I'm married to the cape." 

For an entire generation of Bat-fans, West is the Caped Crusader. So it's no surprise that he named his autobiography Back to the Batcave, filling the pages with stories from behind the cowl as the World's Greatest Detective. 

How much do you know about West's time as Batman? Can you tell his real-life stories from the ones we made up? 

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  1. Adam West was allergic to lycra, which created awful itching problems in his tights.
  2. The crew once used real dynamite to have Batman burst into the Riddler's subway lair.
  3. In research, West took inspiration from The Scarlet Pimpernel.
  4. West details scrapped plans for an Abbott and Costello Meet Batman movie.
  5. On the first day of shooting, a fire erupted on the set of Batman.
  6. He was such a fan that Lyndon B. Johnson stopped by the set and bought West and Ward lunch.
  7. During test screenings "Batman" had the worst score in the history of pilot testing.
  8. Adam West requested a teleprompter for a lot of Batman's more scientific dialogue.
  9. Adam West is his real name and stage name.
  10. There were no safety measures taken when Batman and Robin slid down the poles in the Batcave.

Are these anecdotes from Adam West's autobiography, or did we make them up?

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Suzies1952 7 months ago
Wiw!, only got 5-10, but Adam west kissed me on my cheek! Really I went to a car show in Milwaukee Wisconsin back in the late 70s the bat mobile was there, with him too! I stood in line with the kids, for a long time to get him to sign his picture, when I got up to him, he asked me to come closer, whispered in my ear, that, I could come back in line anytime, and kissed me on my right cheek! Only actor, I ever got kissed by!, it was sweet, I tell that story many times over the years! Now, back then, I was a 6 foot tall, really beautiful blonde, who stood out from the crowd he kept staring at me, the whole time, I was standing in the line until I got up to him to sign my picture!, I had that picture for many years always, wanted to meet him again, to see if he remembered me! ! I’m sure not I enjoyed seeing him in all the different shows, he’d be in, but when I see him, I always think of that kiss!
Gunsmoked 9 months ago
7/10 They need a Batman quiz about all the stars who did or didn't open the windows when they were scaling buildings.
Did they or Didn't they ?
Dean Martin
Ted Cassidy ( Lurch )
Edward G. Robinson
Werner Klemperer Colonel Klink

Dean Marin Dino ~ "The King of Cool." did not open a window.
Adanor 9 months ago
10/10 This is the second time I did this quiz and I had a good memory.
DethBiz 10 months ago
8 out of 10. Lou Costello passed away in 1959 so that was a pretty easy one.
Moverfan 10 months ago
Batman premiered in 1964--I was two. It was cancelled in 1966--I was four. I have vague memories of watching it at some point [syndication maybe] and how I scored 10/10, I don't know...
daDoctah Moverfan 10 months ago
It premiered in January 1966, replacing Ozzie and Harriet in the middle of its 14th season on Wednesday, and music program Shindig! on Thursdays. It was cancelled in March of 1968.
Moverfan daDoctah 9 months ago
Really? Then I was a bit more than a year and a half and six...which explains the memories a bit, I suppose...
Moverfan Moverfan 8 months ago
Don't know where the year and a half thing came from--I was THREE and a half in January of 1966!
Ready2go 10 months ago
7/10.Holy Dumbbell, Batman.
WGH 10 months ago
By The way, Bert Ward in the interview said that explosion actually put him in the emergency room.

He was sent to the ER several times in the first few weeks of shooting. He was thrown from the Batmobile when the door opened it on a short-term. No kidding.
Pacificsun WGH 10 months ago
Term or Turn
Moverfan WGH 10 months ago
Robin, my dear boy, I think they're trying to tell you something...
WGH 10 months ago
I can't believe that I missed one. Lol.
LmerFudd 10 months ago
8 for 10, time to reread the batbook
drcrumpler 10 months ago
I have read Adam West's Back to the Batcave autobiography & even had him sign it when he was a guest at a Myrtle Beach Pelicans game many years ago. Always approachable and gracious to his Bat-fans! Likewise, Frank Gorshin, when I met him years ago at one of those restaurant/movie houses. He was there to promote "Where The Boys Are" but everyone who you think that movie was what they wanted to talk to Frank Gorshin about? No way. Like me, we wanted to talk about Batman and he was just as wonderful as Adam West in hobnobbing with fans.
MikefromJersey drcrumpler 9 months ago
Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy reading the posters here stories of interacting with
the stars. George "Route 66" Maharis is known as one of the all time nice guys.
I sent him a Christmas card with a humorous remark, he sent me back a letter thanking
me, plus an autographed photo! If you include your phone number, there is also a
chance he will call you up! It happened to a couple of people in the Route 66 group
I am in. He is in his 90's now but still sharp and he looks 40 years younger.
His acting in Route 66 is some of the best in TV history, no wonder MeTV Plus runs
it every morning.
Pacificsun MikefromJersey 9 months ago
In the day, we'd run to the Newsracks for the latest Movie "Rags" (magazines). And GM was quite the hunk. Studios controlled publicity, which weren't adverse to his perceived "bad boy" image, though he was beloved. Kind of like a James Dean for television. When he was temporarily replaced by Glenn Corbett, it changed the chemistry of the episodes. Who didn't quite have that menacing volatility within him. Remember, this was only Sixties television, and little nuances made all the difference.

Nice to read the comments about him, here.
Geronimo 10 months ago
Should have been better since I'm an avid Bat fan
Lantern 10 months ago
Although I don't remember whether or not I watched Batman's debut episode, I do remember the other kids talking about it in school the next day. The boys were particularly enthusiastic over it. (I was in 2nd grade at the time.)
Maverick66 10 months ago
4/10. Was never a fan of this show.
ironman2000 10 months ago
10 of 10, I'm a big fan!
ironman2000 ironman2000 10 months ago
Correction, BAT FAN!
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