Are these '80s sitcoms premises real or did we make them up?

Did these TV shows actually air? Some of them!

The Eighties had some wonderfully outlandish ideas for comedies. What other decade could produce ALF, where a a wise-cracking alien puppet lives with a suburban family? That same year, ABC aired a sitcom about Snow White and Prince Charming living in the modern SoCal suburbs.

All kinds of wild premises made it to primetime. Of course, not all of them were successful. 

Let's see how well you can sniff out the phony sitcoms from the pitches below. Good luck!

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  1. The one with the talking orangutan.
  2. The one with the famous ghost.
  3. The one with the governor who skateboards.
  4. The one with the adorable robot.
  5. The one with the elderly college boys.
  6. The one with the sham marriage to keep the house clean.
  7. The one with the living video game characters.
  8. The one with the hovercraft mishap and time travel.
  9. The one that was the inverse of 'Bosom Buddies.'
  10. The one with the ace detective who is a pet.
  11. The one with Arthurian legends.
Are these '80s sitcoms premises real or did we make them up?

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