Can you name these characters on 'Leave It to Beaver'?

Do you know Beaver and Wally's friends and classmates?

How well do you know Leave It to Beaver?

Let's see if you can name these supporting characters. Good luck!

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  1. What was the name of Beaver's elementary school teacher?
  2. Who's this goody-goody classmate of Beaver's?
  3. Another classmate of Beaver's. What's his name?
  4. Here's one of Wally's good friends. What's his name?
  5. Who could forget this little guy?
  6. This actor on the right was No. 5's brother in real life. What's his character's name?
  7. Here's another one of Wally's friends. Who is he?
  8. This character was the new kid in town during season two.
  9. She's the principal at one point in time.
  10. He might be a little old to be a fireman, but he watches over Beaver.

Can you name these characters on 'Leave It to Beaver'?

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LeeFuGow 4 months ago
Stop annoying your viewers with Medicare ads and "woke" commercials.
Pastorgman 16 months ago
Gee Wally, is 10/10 like gettin an “A”!
QazWiz 17 months ago
You got 10 out of 10 correct
RobSob 17 months ago
Still watch the Beaver and still plays with Trains...
Auntiekk 19 months ago
10 out of 10. Knowing all of Beaver's & Wally's friends/classmates was too easy! 👍
robert 19 months ago
10-10 Too easy. I would have asked which cast member of Superman was in Leave it to Beaver. A little tougher but some of you know it.
BunnerJake robert 2 months ago
I don't know it
zman47240 19 months ago
10/10. One of my fav shows, which made it easy.
sierra127 19 months ago
Who could ever not like leave it to beaver. What a family. Well Maybe a little over dressed lol
Blondie7 19 months ago
10/10 Loved it then love it now. Still striving to be more like June Cleaver/Donna Reed.
KenKnighton 19 months ago
10 out of 10, well, you really know your stuff!
PilotTom 19 months ago
Got 10 out of 10 ! We loved Eddie in leave it to beaver ! Wished he would have been in more episodes like Barney in the Andy Griffith Show . Speaking of the TAGS we can not see it in Northeast Florida or Green Acres while the rest of the USA get to watch it . Our local MeTv station channel 30.2 in Jacksonville Florida will not show these two great shows or answer emails as to why not . Boo MeTv Channel 30.2 in Jacksonville !!!!
zman47240 PilotTom 19 months ago
They show TAGS on TVLand weekday afternoons if you have that channel.
PilotTom zman47240 18 months ago
Thanks for the reply . No we just have OTA antenna and can only get MeTv .
QazWiz PilotTom 17 months ago
likely a competing station has Beaver with a non-compete clause
check all your local station's schedules
frenchman71 19 months ago
10/10. A huge "Beaver" fan. But can anyone remember Whitey's real first name in the show?
frenchman71 QazWiz 17 months ago
You got it! You da man. They only mentioned it once.
LH 19 months ago
“Rusty seemed to drop out of sight. In fact, he kept such a low profile that, according to, the creators of Still the Beaver (1983) hired a detective to locate him. They wanted him to reprise his Larry Mondello role for the CBS TV reunion movie, twenty years after the original show went off the air. Home was located and his wife, Theresa (or Teresa) Marinelli, came to the door. When the detective inquired as to whether this was the residence of the former child star, Theresa thought he had the wrong house. She apparently did not know about his past as Larry Mondello,
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