A totally killer queen quiz

Meet your queen quiz quota, quick!


There's lots of stuff with "Queen" in the name! It's not just a band or some old monarch!

So, let's see how well you know assorted people, places, and things that are called "Queen!"

God save the queen? God save the quiz!

  1. The New York City borough Queens can claim which of the following:
  2. Queen Latifah is the first hip-hop star to receive which honor?
  3. What is the government name of DC superhero The Green Arrow?
  4. Steve McQueen was the King of Cool. What was the name of his character, The Cooler King, in 'The Great Escape?'
  5. Rock band Queen named two albums after movies by which comedy team?
  6. Cleopatra became queen after the death of her father __________.
  7. RuPaul, the Queen of Drag, appeared in which of the following?
  8. "Queen Elizabeth II" or "QE2" was the name of a cruise ship that was retired in 2008, converted into a floating hotel, and is now stationed in which city?
  9. Lightning McQueen is the protagonist of Pixar's Cars franchise, and is voiced in the movies by which actor?
  10. Who directed Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in 1952's ''The African Queen?''

A totally killer queen quiz

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grandpa5741 9 months ago
3 of 10, I’m the King of bad scores. 👑
Peter_Falk_Fan 9 months ago
6/10 For those wanting to know, Brooklyn is the most populous borough, accounting for almost a third of NYC's population.
Big3Fan 9 months ago
Only five. No queen sweep for me.
cperrynaples 9 months ago
10 was 1951! Bonus Question: what detective was played by Jim Hutton [Timothy's father]?
KJExpress cperrynaples 9 months ago
Ellery Queen?
Bapa1 9 months ago
5/10, I got my clock 'Queened".
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