Class is in session: The classic TV school quiz

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The ring of the school bell. The smell of chalk in the air. The way your palms get sweaty on the monkey bars.

We all have memories of our school days. But, do you have memories of these classic TV schools? We'll show you a picture of a school, and you tell us what show it's from! It's as simple as that. Share your marks in the comments. Let's hope you pass with flying colors. 

  1. We'll start with an easy one. Which show is this school from?
  2. Which show featured an episode at Hooterville High?
  3. A character wants to be General at Havenhurst Military Academy in which show?
  4. On which show would you find Woodrow Roosevelt High School?
  5. An arrest is made at night school in which of these shows?
  6. Here's another gimme: Which cartoon is this diploma from?
  7. Which show visits Fresh Start Academy in "School of Terror?"
  8. On which show would you find this school house?
  9. Grant Ave. Grammar School counts among its pupils the main character of which show?
  10. If you're flipping through the channels and see Bryant High School, what show are you watching?

Class is in session: The classic TV school quiz

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