A Quiz 2 C How Well U Know Prince

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Dearly beloved, 

We are gathered here today to take a quiz about Prince. 

No other musician in history can claim the same throne as His Royal Purpleness. Some can cite more commercial success, but none have had the same streak of consistently excellent and groundbreaking albums. Whether you like Prince or not, his work is undeniable.

Speaking of not liking Prince, we are not here for any Prince slander. If you're not down with the funk, keep it moving. There are other quizzes for you. This one is for us. The believers. The ones who know. 

We'll present you with a series of multiple-choice questions, you provide us with the answer. It's as simple as that. Anything you guess incorrectly is just a reminder, that's all. So have fun, and when you're done, put some purple vinyl on the record player. 

  1. Our fav was born June 7, 1958. What's the name on his birth certificate?
  2. When Prince's father threw him out, the Purple One moved in with which future bassist in Prince's band?
  3. Please name Prince's first major hit single in the United States, which reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 on January 26, 1980.
  4. Choose the option with the correctly-ordered albums.
  5. What is the name of Prince's bodyguard who cameoed in Purple Rain as a bouncer?
  6. Which of Prince's songs drew the ire of future second lady Tipper Gore, who would then start the Parents Music Resource Center?
  7. Name for us the standalone sequel to Purple Rain, in which Prince owns the Glam Slam Club.
  8. Who joined Prince's band first, Wendy or Lisa?
  9. After half a million copies were pressed, Prince had a spiritual awakening and canceled the release of which album?
  10. Prince changed his name into an unpronounceable symbol due to a dispute with which record label?
  11. Which of these songs did Prince write?

A Quiz 2 C How Well U Know Prince

Your Result...

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dmom62 10 months ago
How well do YOU know Prince - Prince did not write Stand Back. Stevie Nicks wrote it and she called Prince to let him know that she "borrowed" from Little Red Corvette and asked him to come set of the synth for her, which he did. This did not give him a writing credit. The answer to the last question is wrong.
ThomasPotter dmom62 4 months ago
From Songfacts.com: Though Stevie Nicks is the sole credited writer, she later said the song "belongs" to Prince because he wrote and recorded the synth parts that make it so memorable. …
gb9535 11 months ago

A Quiz 2 C How Well U Know Prince

You got 11 out of 11

Well done! Now it's time to go listen to "When Doves Cry." For obvious reasons.
Mark 11 months ago
6 out of 11...where I really feel bad is the LAST question! I knew he wrote "I Feel For You", "Manic Monday" and "Nothing Compares to U", but I didn't know he'd written "Stand Back". I guessed "Manic Monday" when I should have selected 'All of the above'.
Ready2go 11 months ago
5/11. Know some of his music but not really a fan.
jd4862 11 months ago
5/11 I'm a fan of his music but never dove into the trivia. No surprise Tipper Gore hated Darling Nikki, it's a really raunchy but really fun song, so naturally I learned how to sing it.
Indianagirl1963 11 months ago
I had no idea Prince wrote all of those songs for those artists.
327053 11 months ago
Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper. My Mount Rushmore. 🏔️
RS1515 11 months ago
8/11 I liked some of his music but he did take it too far a few times.
graceful1970 11 months ago
You got 9 out of 11
Well done! Now it's time to go listen to "When Doves Cry." For obvious reasons.
retro6 11 months ago
9/11 Prince fan here! Part of my musical canvass and college days
Bapa1 11 months ago
9/11, I remember Prince was playing a concert here in SoFl on Easter Sunday 1985, at the old Orange Bowl. Caused some controversy. would have liked to have seen him though. 1999/Purple Rain are my two favorite albums of his.
JHP 11 months ago
I miss that exquisite talent:(:(

6/11 - shulda did better but darn who would know his bodyguards name - GEES!

Drove past his house many a time in my courting days on my way to Hutchinson
LoveMETV22 JHP 11 months ago
" Drove past his house many a time."
That is cool.
He also owned an estate in Turks/Caicos, which resold after his passing.
You can rent it for $14,000+ (depending on amenities chosen) a night/day. It sleeps 34, so if one divided that equally it would only be $425 a person, LOL!
JHP LoveMETV22 11 months ago
he lived a excellent very short life in my 2 cent opinion - talent long gone

well amenities...a well behaved lady:) who knows how to make huevos rancheros and endless tunes from him

and then some Woodford Reserve:)
LoveMETV22 JHP 11 months ago
Yes. Such an unfortunate loss of talent. It is touching though that individuals (Stevie Knicks for one)honor him. I love her recount on her memories of Prince.

Stevie is one of my favs! 😉
Peter_Falk_Fan 11 months ago
7/11 I always enjoyed watching his music videos on MTV. A very talented musician and songwriter.
LMNOPete 11 months ago
Prince didn’t write Stand Back by Stevie Nicks. He inspired it.
Bigwheel1 LMNOPete 11 months ago
Correct 😁
LoveMETV22 LMNOPete 11 months ago
The two collaborated on the song.
Snickers 11 months ago
Going camping see you in about two weeks.
JennylovesTV Snickers 11 months ago
Have fun!!🤗
Snickers JennylovesTV 11 months ago
Thanks I will.
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