Watch: 5 classic TV episodes you can watch with Dad this Father's Day

Classic TV's got shows to suit every dad.

The best dads are smart, sensitive, comforting, firm, funny, caring ... and all these qualities were brought to life by the sweetest father figures we all loved to watch on classic TV.

The family sitcom is one of the first genres of TV to come to the fore, with shows in the 1950s like Leave It to Beaver, Father Knows Best, The Danny Thomas Show, I Love Lucy and many more setting a tone for what a TV dad could be. Since then, we've come to know and love some of TV's most endearing fathers, from Steve Douglas to Mike Brady.

This Father's Day, if you find you've got time to wind down, we've got some recommended viewing to help celebrate all the times you've enjoyed with dear old dad.

Below, check out five wonderful father-focused episodes from classic TV that you can watch with Dad this Father's Day.

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1. Father Knows Best "Father of the Year"


Recommended viewing to celebrate: The dad who always gives the best advice.

The local paper's running a Father of the Year contest and all of Jim Anderson's kids think he's the guy who deserves the prize. The only trouble is, nobody can find the right words for why their father always does seem to "know best." See how it turns out on Father Knows Best, then for a double dose of Dad goodness, read about the most fatherly way that Robert Young saved Elinor Donahue from failing her audition for the show.

Watch the Father Knows Best episode "Father of the Year" now.

2. Dennis the Menace "Father's Day for Mr. Wilson"


Recommended viewing to celebrate: All the special father figures in your life.

Speaking of a double dose of Father's Day, you can get that in just one episode of Dennis the Menace from the second season, "Father's Day for Mr. Wilson." In the episode, Dennis decides that after he celebrates his pa well and good on Father's Day, he's next going to spend his day making sure his neighbor has a great Father's Day, too. As usual, Dennis' best intentions go awry, but in the end, he does manage to get Mr. Wilson the exact gift he wanted.

Watch the Dennis the Menace episode "Father's Day for Mr. Wilson" now.

3. The Danny Thomas Show "Danny Meets His Father-in-Law"


Recommended viewing for: The dad with the best sense of humor.

Not only does the "father of the spit take" Danny Thomas perform one of his best takes yet in the episode "Danny Meets His Father-in-Law," but William Demarest's first appearance as Thomas' father-in-law results in perhaps one of the best Dad-offs in all of family sitcom history. At one point, Thomas attempts to compliment his own wife, and Demarest retorts that she'll make a fine wife "when the right man comes along." It's the funniest father vs. father showdown you'll watch this Father's Day. See whose side you end up on.

Watch The Danny Thomas Show episode "Danny Meets His Father-in-Law" now.

4. That Girl "That Girl's Daddy"


Recommended viewing to celebrate: The dad whose daughter is his whole world.

Danny Thomas' real-life daughter Marlo Thomas stars as That Girl in a hilarious sitcom all her own, and on the show Lew Parker memorably plays her father Lew Marie. In the episode "That Girl's Daddy" from the series' final season, the whole episode revolves around the precious bond between father and daughter, including Lew's great gift of cracking Ann Marie up. This one's for the dads and daughters.

Watch the That Girl episode "That's Girl's Daddy" now.

5. The Brady Bunch "Father of the Year"


Recommended viewing to celebrate: The dad who does it all.

On The Brady Bunch, it's only Marcia who decides that Mike is worthy of their local paper's Father of the Year award, and her problem is the opposite of Jim Anderson's kids: She has too much to say. Lying about the long hours she's spending in Mike's study threatens to get Marcia in trouble, not just with her siblings, but with Mike, too. Watch this one for a warm and fuzzy ending only The Brady Bunch delivers.

Watch The Brady Bunch episode "Father of the Year" now.

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Hi, all my favorite are Svengoolie the Bonanza Rifleman Wagon Train Big Valley Wanted Dead or Alive rawhide Gunsmoke The A-Team one Adam 12 toonies and Saved by the Bell. But how can I watch my favorites on my phone? When I'm not at home? Oh yeah and Leave It to Beaver and Perry Mason In the Heat of the Night Matlock probably some others.
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Looking forward to seeing these programs!
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