Collector's Call Web Extras: Action figures and toys from the 1960s and beyond

This stand-up comic has pristine toys from his youth — Batman, Star Trek, Major Matt Mason, James Bond and more!

Bill Leff is a former standup comedian who has spent the last 20-plus years working as a radio talk show host. Bill’s collection is almost as fun as he is. Since childhood, he has amassed thousands of vintage toys, dolls and figurines.

Bill’s collection includes rare items that may be familiar to some Baby Boomers – like the multi-purpose boys’ action figure from the 1960s, Captain Action; or the Outer Spacemen, a beloved group of extra-terrestrial figurines from the Colorforms toy company.

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1. Image gallery: Inside the collection


Take a closer look at this $300,000 action figure collection! These nostalgic toys are in mint condition — and will take you back.


2. Bonus video: James Bond action figures


Leff, Bill Leff. He has an impressive array of 007 toys dating back to the Goldfinger figurines made by Gilbert in the '60s.


3. Bonus video: U.S. Presidents action figures


Young Bill thought Teddy Roosevelt could fly because of his cape. But how much is this little political "action" figure worth? Marx Toys made these historical gems.


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