Collector's Call Episode 1 Web Extras: Check out items from Tom Cruise and the Titanic

Discover curiosities from beneath the sea… and Tom Cruise's feet.

The collectors featured on Collector's Call own so many fascinating items, there's no way to fit them all into one episode! No worries, we have some web exclusives to take a deeper dive into these impressive collections. 

In Episode 1, we met Paul Lisnek, who has been collecting Hollywood props and memorabilia for decades, as well as an extensive collection of U.S. historical political items. In the episode, we saw everything from classic TV telephones to strands of hair from the head of Abraham Lincoln!

Take a closer look at the collectibles seen on the show in the photo gallery below, and watch two short videos that showcase more items.

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1. Video: Tom Cruise Step Stool


Megastar Tom Cruise stands atop stools when filming his movies. Check out an autographed step stool used in the filming of The Firm.


2. Video: Titanic Creamer


This dairy creamer once owned by Edith Evans sank to the bottom of the sea in the Titanic disaster.


3. Photo gallery: Inside the collection


Take a close-up look at the items seen in the show.


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stephaniestavropoulos 64 months ago
I fell asleep while watching both installments of Collector's Call. {I was dvring both installments, so I can go back and see what I missed. I couldn't help but agree with Lisa Welchel when she said that seeing Tom Cruise's fangs, George & Martha Washington's Abraham Lincoln's and John F. Kennedy's hair was "weird and creepy," not "cool." {She also thought seeing them was cool.} Seeing these {hair and teeth} had a huge creep factor to me. Anyone else feel the same? I agree with what the person commented on the other CC page: that I hope they don't make a habit of creating/airing reality shows. That's not what we come to METV for. I think the CC show came about, because there used to be a page on this site that dealt with folks' unusual and extensive collections. They should have stuck with that, {if it's still on the site} and not "bring the page to life." As the person mentioned {I think, on the other CC page,} TVLand did something like this, and they don't want METV to turn into TVLand.
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