Episode 1: Inside the collection

Apr. 2, 2019


Take a closer look at items in Paul Lisnek's collection, as seen in the first episode of Collector's Call.

1. 'Interview with the Vampire' Tom Cruise Teeth Mold

Appraised value: $2,000

2. 'Interview with the Vampire' prop dog

Appraised value: $5,000

3. George and Martha Washington Hair Clippings

Appraised value: $20,000

4. 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' Prop Telephone

Appraised value: $1,000

5. Abraham Lincoln Hair Clipping

Appraised value: $4,500

6. Abraham Lincoln letter

Appraised value: $8,000

7. Laurel & Hardy Bowler Hats

Appraised value: $25,000

8. 'I Love Lucy' Prop Telephone

Appraised value: $500

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