Creatures Hone In on Bones-When Peter Cushing Investigates the "Island of Terror"- Tonight

Saturday night on MeTV, we trick-or-treat you to the finale of our “Svengoolie’s Halloween BOO-nanza” double features with the follow-up to last week’s primary movie- and then, bring back another creepy classic from TV horror legend, producer/director Dan Curtis! It’s two scoops of terror with Carl Kolchak back to battle “The Night Strangler”- followed by the encore of Karen Black’s multi-character mayhem in “Trilogy of Terror”!

1973’s “The Night Strangler” finds Kolchak- as well as his beleaguered boss Tony Vincenzo- both run out of Las Vegas after the “Night Stalker” case, and now in Seattle. Tony reluctantly hires Carl to work at his current newspaper, run by a crusty old gent...

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