It's a Casket Classic from the Castle- Bela Lugosi Stars as "Dracula"- Tonight!

Wow. When I read a question from a viewer regarding finding out the name of a movie this past weekend, little did I expect the response that we got. Over 400 viewers were ready to help out a fellow horror fan, and , quite honestly, it was heart-warming to see that huge response! Here’s how it started- during the mail segment on “The Mummy’s Ghost”, I read an e-mail from a viewer named Chris who asked for help in naming a movie that he had seen years ago. He said “there was a movie that came out in the 70s about people who get a disease. The people’s hair turns white, and they wear black and sunglasses. In the end one man finds the cure in his blood, but he is killed and dies in a wate...

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