You can kiss Sweethearts candies goodbye this Valentine's Day

The popular candy is unavailable after the manufacturer went bankrupt.

If we had to express our feelings with a message on a Valentine's Day candy heart, it would be, "MISS YOU." Yep, America's most beloved Valentine's Day candy will not be available this year. Conversation hearts have long been the best-selling sugar treat for February lovers. You likely grew up sending "BE MINE" hearts to your school crushes. 

Alas, the New England Confectionary Company, better known as Necco, went out of business in July. The confection manufacturer also produced the nostalgic treat Necco Wafers.

The good news is that the Spangler Candy Company, maker of Dum Dum lollipops, purchased the Necco brand from auction this past September. The bad news is that Spangler did not have enough time to crank out Sweethearts for the 2019 Valentine's season.

If you're wondering why five months is not enough time to meet the demand, keep in mind that the Smithsonian estimates that approximately 8 billion of the little suckers are sold each year. (Here are eight more things you never knew about Sweethearts.) 

The heart-shaped Sweethearts date back to 1902. We've been munching them for more than a century. But not this year.

This is all good news for the people at Brach's. While Sweethearts were far and away the most popular form of the candy, Necco did not have a monopoly. Other candy-makers produce conversation hearts.

Spangler plans to relaunch Sweethearts in 2020. Necco wafers are slated for a comeback later this year.

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Rudypan 66 months ago
Sweethearts is the brand name for the imitation candy made by Brachs. The original candy made by Necco was "Conversation Hearts." Brachs ramped up production, and Sweethearts are literally available everywhere candy is sold.

They're also not as good as the Necco Conversation Hearts, which are just heart-shaped Necco Wafers.
NoahBody 66 months ago
i seems like everything from the past is disappearing rapidly. i'm glad they will reappear in 2020.
BrittReid 66 months ago
Only the dentist would miss that garbage.
harlow1313 66 months ago
I would choose a nice piece of chocolate over this crap every time.
SirGothamHatt 66 months ago
I was always a huge Sweethearts (and Necco wafer) fan, until they changed the recipe and made the Sweethearts fruitier. Knowing the candies were made just a city away from me were a bit of local pride too.
I hope Spangler does these old candies justice when they restart production
John 66 months ago
Typo on heading "sweathearts"
CaptainDunsel John 66 months ago
Well, that *would* explain a drop in popularity...
CaptainDunsel John 66 months ago
As a child years ago, I liked to play tiddly-winks with Necco wafers.
Tampammm CaptainDunsel 66 months ago
LoL,,, those Neccos must have been pretty stale/rock hard as I would envision them cracking each time I tried to shoot one.
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