Yes, Virginia, there is a Shatner Claus

Available on streaming services everywhere.

Cat Stevens said it best: "Oh, baby, baby, it’s a wild world." It truly, truly is.

While anyone could argue all day long about whether or not this is the best of all possible worlds, there's a load of evidence to support the assertion that it's the wackiest.

Case in point: William Shatner's 2018 Christmas album Shatner Claus. Yes, it's real. No, we wouldn't make up that kind of thing just to scare children. Yes, you can purchase it on websites like Bandcamp and Amazon.

While we could editorialize all day long about how weird this particular list of guest stars is. Instead, we've chosen to present to you, unedited, the tracklist for William Shatner's Shatner Claus. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.

1. Jingle Bells Feat. Henry Rollins

2. Blue Christmas Feat. Brad Paisley

3. Little Drummer Boy Feat. Joe Louis Walker

4. Winter Wonderland Feat. Todd Rundgren & Artimus Pyle

5. Twas the Night Before Christmas Feat. Mel Collins

6. Run Rudolph Run Feat. Elliot Easton

7. O Come, O Come Emmanuel Feat. Rick Wakeman

8. Silver Bells Feat. Ian Anderson

9. One for You, One for Me

10. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Feat. Billy Gibbons

11. Silent Night Feat. Iggy Pop

12. White Christmas Feat. Judy Collins

13. Feliz Navidad Feat. Dani Bander

Weird, huh?

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Runeshaper 7 months ago
Shatner Claus should have an event or TV special LOL
Sandydp57 7 months ago
Thanks for the notes on Spock ect..
Andybandit 7 months ago
I can't believe WS has a Christmas Album. I wonder how he sounds.
Snickers 7 months ago
What, no Shatner , Nimoy duet of Here Comes Santa Claus?
cperrynaples Snickers 7 months ago
Nimoy was dead! And really I would rather hear a duet with George Takai! At least Sulu can sing on key..LOL!
cperrynaples cperrynaples 7 months ago
BTW, if you have Sirius, tune in to Howard Stern and you may hear George sing alternative versions of Christmas carols! However, I don't think I can write the titles here! Let's just say they refer to his "lifestyle"...LOL!
Irish 7 months ago
That's one album I wished I never heard about!! 😱
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