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It's hard to imagine, but there was a time before the Flintstones were a modern stone-age family. We take it for granted because they've been together on TV for so long, but there was a time before Pebbles and a time before Fred even knew who Wilma was. 

That period of time is The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, an early 2000s live-action movie that takes place before the Flintstones cartoon. It's also, canonically, a prequel to the 1996 Flinstones movie starring John Goodman and Rick Moranis. Those former actors are gone, though, and in their place is a brand new cast portraying younger versions of our favorite characters. Way before he was Robert Baratheon on Game of Thrones, actor Mark Addy was the guy from The Full Monty, and he's this movie's Fred Flintstone. He's supported by Stephen Baldwin as Barney Rubble. When our story begins, Fred and Barney are living the bachelor lifestyle and have only just recently been approved as crane operators at Slate and Company. 

Fred and Barney, newly employed, want to hit the town with a couple of dates on their arms, and that's where the Great Gazoo factors into the plot. Gone is Harvey Korman (although he does show up in a cameo later as Wilma's dad), and in his place is the versatile Alan Cumming as the exiled green alien that only Fred and Barney can see. 

Soon enough, these prehistoric pals are visiting a carnival, proudly enjoying the company of Wilma and Betty. However, Fred is first matched with Betty, and Barney is matched with Wilma. Expectedly, things don't work out. However, the carnival is still historically significant to Flintstones lore, because it's there, at a fairground game, that Fred wins an egg that hatches into Dino!

While the film was a total box office disaster and nearly stalled the careers of everybody involved, the story is actually pretty interesting! Without spoiling the rest of the movie, we'll just urge you to check it out yourself. It answers a lot of questions about the early days of some of our favorite characters. This is a movie that's very reverent towards its source material. The title is even a reference to a 1962 episode!

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cperrynaples 11 months ago
Horrible movie but great cameo from "Ann Margrock"...LOL!
Andybandit 11 months ago
I never saw The Flistones Movie from 2000, just the one from 1996.
Bapa1 11 months ago
Saw it, didn't like it. Great Gazoo was one of the main reasons.
Runeshaper 11 months ago
Mark Addy is an EXCELLENT actor!
CoreyC Runeshaper 11 months ago
He was great in Game Of Thrones.
Runeshaper CoreyC 11 months ago
True! I liked him in Atlantis and A Knight's Tale as well (-:
LoveMETV22 11 months ago
"An underrated live-action adventure!"- (Introduction)
" While the film was a total box office disaster." ( Last paragraph)
Budget-$83 million
Box office $59.5 million

Simply put- " It was a flop. "
However maybe it is available through one of the sources that provide TV series/Movies.
MeTV could run it on a Sunday evening as an extra to the animated series currently run Sunday A.M.?
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MrsPhilHarris tmac1951 11 months ago
I guess the people that like it can’t do without it. I like TAGS, TBH and GA and others but if they were taken off I would survive. 🤭
Kramden62 tmac1951 11 months ago
Well, I'm getting older, too (I'm 61), but I have no choice but to tolerate said commercials. Some of us like myself just simply *can't* afford such networks as You Tube commercial free, Hulu and Paramount Plus right now. Sorry.

As for the Flintstones prequel movie - I liked it. It was rather funny in spots. Not overly spectacular, but pleasant.

By the way - the first live-action Flintstones movie was released in *1994, not* 1996. See IMDb for more information.
tmac1951 Kramden62 11 months ago
Not all you tube is commercial free, but if you have internet there is no cost it’s free, paramount cost me 11 bucks a month, I just dropped Hulu, I think it was 14 bucks a month.
LoveMETV22 tmac1951 11 months ago
Believe Kramden is referring to YouTube TV which is not free, its a standalone separate subscription service offered by Youtube ($72.99 a month).

Think you're referring to Youtube (the general platform) which is free.
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