Watch this miniature Yorkie "Wonder Woman" give Lynda Carter a run for her money

This is the cutest thing we've seen in a while!

No one can play Wonder Woman quite like Lynda Carter, but this adorable pup might be the next best thing!

Meet Roxie, a miniature Yorkshire Terrier who's living her best life in New York City.

Two years ago, the pooch donned Wonder Woman's iconic costume and went on an adventure in New York City.

What resulted was a charming video set to the theme song of Wonder Woman,with Roxie prancing around the city and keeping it safe from the supervillains (chihuahuas, bulldogs, etc.). She even transforms into her blue swimsuit halfway through! 

Since Roxie's adventure, the video has gone viral. It even caught the attention of Lynda Carter, who shared it on her official Facebook page.

We promise Roxie's version of Wonder Woman will put a smile on your face today. Take a look below!

You can follow Roxie's short films and adventures here

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