12 little blunders you never noticed in 'Wonder Woman'

Even superhero shows have their weak spots.

We all make mistakes, even superheroes. Well, to be fair to Lynda Carter, she is flawless as Wonder Woman. It was the crew around her that sometimes slipped up on the 1975–79 series.

There's no shame in these goofs. When you're making a science-fiction show on a limited budget, sometimes you just have to make shots work. It doesn't take the keen vision of Superman to spot mistakes even in the classics. 

Previously, we found some minor errors in Star Trek, The Andy Griffith Show, Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch.

Now, let's take a close look at Wonder Woman.

1. Fake news


"The New Original Wonder Woman"

We start with the pilot episode that reintroduced the character in 1975. When Steve Trevor's plane goes down, a newspaper headline proclaims, "MAJOR STEVE TREVOR DIES IN CRASH." However, the fine print has nothing to do with such a story. The article reads, "Many persons feel at this stage that some legal action is forthcoming but it now becomes common knowledge that there is pressure from the inside…"

2. Have you seen the remote?


"The New Original Wonder Woman"

Later that episode, Diana must face Amazon VIII in a bullet-deflecting battle. When the Amazon women shield themselves with their bracelets, sparks flew from the jewelry. This little pyrotechnic effect is triggered with a remote, which you can occassionally glimpse in VIII's hand.

3. Pass the remote


"The Feminum Mystique: Part 1"

See? Here's Carter with the spark controller in a later episode. At least the little device appears to be gold, matching her outfit.

4. Sparks will fly


"The New Original Wonder Woman"

Back to the pilot movie. Later on, an old woman whips a machine gun out of her bag to take a shot at Wonder Woman, who is showing off her skills in a theater. Wonder Woman whips her arms around and blocks all the bullets. As it is a bigger weapon, bigger sparks fly. If you watch closely, you can see wires running from Carter's back, and up her arms affixed with tape, to produce the effect.

5. Taking out the trash


"Screaming Javelins"

No Wonder Woman effect is more iconic than the hero's transformative twirl. Diana Prince turns into Wonder Woman in a flash. You can catch some inconsistencies in those cuts. Take this one for example, from season two, when a trash can magically disappears.

6. Take a seat


"Wonder Woman Vs. Gargantua"

Back in season one, a similar goof happened, when a stool disappears after Diana transforms in Dr. Osmond's lab. The green stool shifts, too.

7. Wardrobe malfunction



Here's another transformation error. In "Knockout," Diana gets into a car wearing a pretty purple floral dress. She escapes from the car and runs into the woods to transform into Wonder Woman. They try to hide it with a red flash and a quick cut, but Carter is clearly wearing an entirely different outfit.

8. Heel today, gone tomorrow


"IRAC Is Missing"

While we're on the topic of inconsistent clothing, keep an eye on Wonder Woman's boots throughout the series. We'll use this episode as an example, when she fights the laser in a giant padded room. In the hallway, Carter wears her stylish red boots with heels. When it comes time for stunts, her boots are flats. Let's be honest, Wonder Woman should just be wearing practical flats at all times.

9. Monkey business


"Wonder Woman Vs. Gargantua"

It's no secret that Gargantua is not a real gorilla. He is quite clearly a man in a suit. However, they don't hide it very well when the big ape crawls up and down a building. You can see the skin of the actor's hands on the way up, as the makeup rubs off. Later, on his descent, the cuff of his gorilla pants can be seen slipping up above his shoes.

10. Jack of all trades


"The Deadly Toys"

Alas, Lynda Carter did not actually lift trucks with her own brute strength. In this Christmas episode, Wonder Woman lifts the back of a yellow van to keep it from speeding away. You can clearly spot the jack lifting the tires off the ground.

11. Back pack


"The Feminum Mystique: Part 1"

Stuntmen need their protection. Wonder Woman flips a random MP out of a jeep. The actor has a large pad stuffed into his shirt. Unfortunately, he seems to land right on his tailbone. Ouch! Being a stuntman is rough work.

12. Pool me once…


"The Bermuda Triangle Crisis"

Who could forget those episodes in which Wonder Women sports her blue jumpsuit? In this debut of the blue wetsuit, Wonder Woman tosses a mine into the "ocean." However, when it cuts underwater, the body of water is clearly a swimming pool. You can see the walls, the surface of the water, and even a drain or lamp.



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