Get a good, detailed look at the new Wonder Woman costume

We are excited to see the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. After all, it's most of our Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night lineup mashed into one epic. (If only the Enterprise and Jupiter 2 could show up…) While Batman and Superman are great and mythic and the main attraction and everything, we are truly itching to get a glipse of Wonder Woman on the big screen. After all, there have been many Batman and Superman films, yet no Diana Prince.

As merchandising and visual teasers continue to leak out, we're better a better sense of the 2016 blockbuster. Yesterday, Yahoo Movies unveiled a new statue from DC Collectibles that depicts Gal Gadot as the Amazonian superhero. Take a gander at it below. The detailed maquette is by artist James Marsano and will be available in March for $150. But right now we can at least analyse the new costume and compare it to Lynda Carter's iconic look, which was brought to life from the pages of the Silver Age comics.

Here are our pros and cons.


• It's not as drab and muted as it appeared in the trailer. (See above.)

• She has the Lasso of Truth.

• The W-shaped belt is a nice cartoony touch that keeps it from being too boringly "realistic". Likewise, the bird-like top of the chest piece is a nice homage to the classic look.

• It's quite similar to what she wears in the current comic books.


• It's not colorful enough. It should the color of the flag. Though this criticism can be levied against most modern superhero suits.

• She's wearing wedge sandals. How about something a little easier to run in?

• Those aren't bracelets. They look more like strap-on wrist guards. 

• The tiara is upside down. The peak should be pointing up.

• She's wearing a skirt. WW's original threads were a skirt. Lynda Carter rocked the more familiar swimsuit look. However, these days she wears pants. It gets cold in Metropolis.

• There are no stars.

What are your thoughts on the new look?

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