12 candid snapshots that prove Tina Louise was the original queen of the selfie

Ginger would have dominated Instagram in the Sixties.

The Everett Collection

The Oxford English Dictionary named "selfie" the word of the year in 2013. Though the term "selfie" may be relatively new, the concept itself is not. After all, who could forget the first time you held a Polaroid Instamatic in your hands? The first instinct was always to hold the camera at arm's length, pointed right back at your face. We were doing that back in the 1970s.

Besides, the definition of "selfie" now has a broader meaning. It has come to mean any posed photograph of yourself intended to show off your style, beauty, lifestyle, vibe, etc.

Thinking in those terms, it struck us that Tina Louise, the vampy singer who became an idol playing Ginger on Gilligan's Island, was brilliant at these type of pics. If Instagram had been around in the Sixties, Louise would have garnered millions of followers.

As today is National Selfie Day, let's honor this pioneer.

Curls and the Surf

The Everett Collection

Just another day at the office for the "movie star" of Gilligan's Island.

Vamping It Up

The Everett Collection

Showing off your famous friends is a sure way to get likes.

Back to Nature

The Everett Collection

She sure knew how to use the scenery. 


The Everett Collection

Showing off your natural beauty is pure selfie fodder.

Retro Style

The Everett Collection

Everyone loves a call back to an earlier era.

Photo Pool

The Everett Collection

It's all about showing off your summer vibes.

Hot Dog!

The Everett Collection

She was even taking pictures of her meals long before smartphones.

Wax and Chill

The Everett Collection

A pregnant Louise meditates with a candle in the mid-'70s. Showing off your lifestyle is so Insta.

No Wallflower

The Everett Collection

It's all about giving good face.

Lady in Red

The Everett Collection

We can't tell is she's celebrating Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day… or all of the above.

Tossing It Back

The Everett Collection

Everyone loves a good hair flip.

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Craigg 57 months ago
Not sure you MeTV guys know what a selfie is.
RobertStoll 61 months ago
Wonderful pictures of Tina folks! Love the captions too! Had a crush on her since I was 10! You guys/gals are the best!
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