This Leave It to Beaver child star co-created a hit Disney show

Rich Correll was one of Beaver's playmates — and then he put Miley Cyrus on the map.

In season three of Leave It to Beaver, Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver acquired a new friend. Starting in the episode "Mother's Day Composition," Richard Rickover joined Beaver in his misadventures and lessons learned. Just like Beaver and Wally, Richard sometimes got himself into trouble — like in "Mistaken Identity," where he breaks a window and gives Beaver's name to the police officer in a panic — but he also has a good heart — like when in the same episode he confesses and apologizes to Beaver.

Richard Rickover shared a first name with the actor who played him, Rich Correll. Correll turned up in other shows at the time, like Lassie and Bonanza, but his role in LITB up to the final season was what really put him on the map as an actor.

"He was not only a character on the show," Jerry Mathers (Beaver) said in his blog, "but my best friend growing up. We spent many weekends at each other’s houses getting into mischief…typical adolescent pranks!"

As Correll grew up, he moved behind the camera, working as a writer, producer and director. You probably saw his work on some of the hit multi-camera sitcoms of the 80s and 90s, such as Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, Full House, Married with Children, and much, much more.

However, his biggest credit would come during the Disney Channel original programming boom between 2002-09. Correll became the most prolific sitcom director for the channel. He co-created the Miley Cyrus vehicle that would put her star on the map for a whole generation — Hannah Montana. 

Correll directed many episodes for Hannah Montana as well as other Disney Channel staples like That's So Raven, The Suite Life of Zach & Cody, Suite Life on Deck, Lab Rats, and more.

He never forgot his child star roots, though, and in 1983 he reunited with his Beaver castmates for the reunion movie Still The Beaver and the follow-up TV show, The New Leave It to Beaver.

Correll's life in Hollywood has given him a unique hobby — collecting classic horror and sci-fi props. His collection, sitting at a staggering eight-figure value, includes the original Xenomorph costume from Alien (1979), the original raptor from Jurassic Park (1993), and props from Back to the Future (1985). 

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Moverfan 10 months ago
Going off-topic for a bit here...back in February, there was a sort of long conversation about actors who played one character on more than one show [we started with Richard Belzer playing Det./Sgt. John Munch on almost every show on TV and went from there]. I can't find the original thread, but I've got one to add to it. Carole Kane [from Taxi] played John's first wife Gwen on an episode of Homicide...her mother passed away and he helped her arrange the funeral...and a few years later, Gwen popped up on Law & Order: SVU. It seems the lady has some mental health problems and he kind of conned her into helping him find a possible suspect. If you're thinking you may have seen it, but you're not sure, she's the one who hauled off and slapped him, right in the squadroom...
skycop61 11 months ago
I still watch Leave It to Beaver every morning and on the weekends when it's on. This show has excellent solutions to all there issues just wished more shows were out today with the same issues with solutions.
This was/is one of the top drama shows and should still be allowed to apply for Grammy awards even today
garyhallman 11 months ago
always loved when they showed some parents of kids on the show, they looked at least 60 raising 12 years olds , larrys mother. come on!
World_Famous_Beaverpeida 11 months ago
Rich is such a great guy. I was able to interview him for my book, "The World Famous Beaverpedia."
I've got a great biography of him in my book and I can attest that there's not many people in Hollywood as kind, authentic or interesting as Rich Correll.

Book link ->
Zip 11 months ago
I don't think that putting Miley Virus on the map would be something I would be proud of.
Ira1213 Zip 11 months ago
I agree
WilliamHogan 11 months ago
When Beaver and his friends got Monster sweatshirts, it was Richard that talked his friends into wearing them to school. Beaver was the only one to wear his monster sweatshirt to school.
Charlotte 11 months ago
Richie was an angel compared to Gilbert. OMG!
Sooner 11 months ago
He was quite a prolific guy, but I sure wouldn't look at making Miley Cyrus famous as something great.
Big3Fan 11 months ago
Mr. Correll also became a close friend of legendary silent film star Harold Lloyd. He volunteered to help Mr. Lloyd preserve and archive his films, and to this day is credited as the chief archivist for the Lloyd Trust.
obectionoverruled 11 months ago
Richard got in a little trouble with Beaver, but he wasn’t as obnoxious as Whitey, or any of big brother Wally’s pals like Clarence Don’t Call Me Lumpy Rutherford or that big rat Eddie Haskell! In a time when TV tried creating the perfect comedic family like the Nelsons, Father Knows Best and My Three Sons, somehow LITB stood out among its peers. Ward was the most credible dad, June was all of our moms rolled into one, and the hijinx that show’s writers created and resolved were unique, believable and moralistic in the right sense of the word. I still laugh at Beaver’s story to Miss Flanders that his dad couldn’t sign off on his report card because he fell out of an airplane.
obectionoverruled 11 months ago
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Jon 11 months ago
Richard left the show very early in Season 6, only appearing twice, since Rich Correll had just started at a school that didn't let him take time off for acting work. He had the last line of his last episode. As Beaver & his new friend, the papergirl in "The Late Edition", were headed out to go surfing, Richard, left behind on the Cleavers' foyer, said "Poor Beaver! I knew him when he used to be alive!".
BorisK 11 months ago
Sorry to report: I've seen his collection of "original" horror memorabilia, and the fact is only a very few pieces might be originals. The most outlandish claim is he owns the original Boris Karloff 'Frankenstein' suit and the original Lon Chaney Sr. 'Phantom of the Opera' cape. He absolutely does not. What he has are cheap remade-costume knock offs that look like they were made in the 1970s, hanging on a couple of mannequins. We were really disappointed to see what he claimed to have as original were in fact faker than a side show at a 3-Ring circus.
oneofthesedays1 BorisK 11 months ago
So what are you basing your comments on? You give a lot of statements, but offer no support. Please provide.
mda BorisK 11 months ago
Please give some evidence of your accusations rather than just making claims.
same 11 months ago
His father was late comedian and actor Charles Corell.
lbwilmoth 11 months ago
Larry Mondello was the funniest of Beaver's friends. I always thought he was a very convincing actor.
BorisK lbwilmoth 11 months ago
Totally agree! Larry was hilarious with his deadpan delivery ... altho Whitey had some good shows too.
Yeah chubby Larry was always chomping on a candy bar, asking for a milkshake or biting into an apple, no matter his role or the show’s plot. And his mom acted and looked to be 85, although Larry was only 11 - what was that all about? Larry’s dad I don’t think ever appeared on the show - he was perpetually out of town and boy, when he returns, will Larry ever get a whomping! Poor kid lived in fear of his old man’s impending return. Remember when our parents used to call our friends’ parents Mister McGillicuddy and Mrs. Chubster? So formal all the time - just like the Cleavers, walking around the house in buttoned up suit and a party dress? How did we get where we are today?
Sooner obectionoverruled 11 months ago
Larry's mom played a great character though. Totally hysterical about everything. No wonder poor Larry was so deadpan.
His dad did appear on the show once, but not in a speaking role.
ncadams27 11 months ago
Other than Larry Mondello, I never thought Beaver’s friends were very funny or interesting, unlike Wally’s - especially Eddie and Lumpy. I think Gilbert was the worst. He was never funny and always seemed to want to get Beaver in trouble on purpose. Richard seemed to want Beaver as a friend and treated him that way, but Gilbert never acted as a true friend, taking delight in getting him in trouble.
JL1965 ncadams27 11 months ago
Those kids were much younger than Wally’s friends and less wise. Cut em some slack
ncadams27 JL1965 11 months ago
Beaver and his friends were the same age in the last season as Wally and his friends in the first season.
Sooner ncadams27 11 months ago
For whatever reason Larry disappeared from the show, they made a big mistake letting him go.
Gilbert never funny? I thought he had some of the funniest lines in quite a few episodes i.e. Beaver's Trains, Beaver's Poster etc.
tootsieg 11 months ago
Like the episode with the jackets. Looking forward to Sunday’s CC show.
CoreyC 11 months ago
Richard Correll like Ron Howard became a successful director.
MTEVENS CoreyC 11 months ago
Stephen Talbot (Gilbert) became an award winning maker of documentaries, mainly seen on PBS.
CoreyC MTEVENS 11 months ago
Didn't know that. Rich Correll was more famous as a director in 90's comedies.
ncadams27 11 months ago
Richard’s father Charles Correll played Andy on the radio version of Amos & Andy.
Deleted 11 months ago
This comment has been removed.
teire 11 months ago
Cool to learn this about Richard (the character and the performer).
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